Dolphin Theme Weddings

Humans have succumbed to the charm of dolphins since time began. So like us in their intelligence, language and use of tools, yet more graceful, more powerful and infinitely more playful, dolphins never “grow up” or “settle down.” And that’s precisely why we love them so. Here’s how to bring that spontaneous spark to your dolphin wedding.

Light-Hearted Locations

Check out availability at zoos, aquariums, or your local Sea World, which offers wedding packages. Some domestic water parks actually have the dolphins participate in your ceremony, acting as ring bearers and entertainers. If you’re landlocked, look for a public park with an enormous dolphin fountain to provide your focal point.

A more free-wheeling way to integrate dolphins is to hold your ceremony on a viewing charter in areas with plenty of wild dolphins, such as Florida, the Bahamas, Hawaii, Mexico, Australia or New Zealand.

Wedding Cake

Cover your cake in frosting seaweed and coral, several scattered sea urchins and rings of large, lustrous “pearls” — black or white.

Bridal Touches

Subtly carry the theme with a dolphin bridal garter and an unforgettable suite of diamond and black pearl earrings, choker and pendant.

Beachy Food and Drink

Bubbly champagne is the drink of choice. Like humans, dolphin love seafood, especially fish of all kinds, shrimp and squid. You might want to serve:

For a signature mixed drink, try the delicious Blue Dolphin, created from coconut rum, Blue Curacao and soda.

Sea-Faring Flowers

Great choices include stephanotis with pearl pins, blue roses or blue double lisianthus. Lily grass, calla lilies and blue hyacinth all echo the sleek dolphin
shape. Finish bridal and bridesmaids bouquets with a pale wrap of blue satin ribbon.

Decorating the Dolphin Reception

Rent a splashing fountain; top with some cascading greenery and a dolphin topper. Scatter sea glass in soft blues and whites on the tables. Swag stairways, tables and aisles with pale blue tulle in varying shades. Punctuate swags with small tied bouquets of sea grass and roses.

Create a stunning canopy for your cake table using green silk panels and blue tulle. Accent the opening with faux seaweed, long green ribbons, and white roses.

Swanky Centerpieces

Fill tall glass cylinders with chunky seashells, blue tinted water, and a simple tied floral arrangement in white. Surround with coconut candles. Tightly group three white or blue pillar candles and wrap with seaweed. Place sand in the bottom of a low glass bowl. Anchor a spray of delicately-hued sea grass fronds in a base of white lace coral. Accent with crystal pins, sea glass and sea urchins.

Fancy-Free Favors

Silver and crystal are a popular ways of crossing the sleek shine of a dolphin with a memorable wedding favor. You’ll find many useful dolphin favors to choose from, including:

You’ll also find a nice selection of dolphin ceremonial favors, such as bubble solution, kissing bells and dolphin place card holders.
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