Dove Theme Weddings

When you start planning your dove theme wedding, you may come across its possible pitfalls … having too many little plastic birds and fiddly details. And even looking what the British call twee. To avoid this, many brides strive keep their dove theme careful and restrained — and yet there’s no need, as long as you draw it in large, bold strokes instead of small, fussy ones.

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Start your color palette with white and silver, and a pale accent of your choice, such as blue or pink. The end look you’ll probably want is white on white (on white) — infinite shades of it. At your venue’s entrance, place a large, showy feather wreath — the larger, the better. Buy it, or make yourself with a styrofoam form, glue gun, and 10-20 chandelle or marabou feather boas. Keep the adornment simple — suspend a single silver “love doves” charm or pendant from the bottom. Direct your guests to sign in with a beautiful “Wings of Love” guestbook and a bridal feather pen.


Swag the venue with icy chiffon (your wedding’s during the sunny summer months, right?) Drape it where the sun will shine through, and punctuate each swag with a round pomander of white roses, or hang large paper cones filled with white rose petals.

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For chair cover bows, skip the limp, see-through organza and instead go for a substantial, shape-holding sash and bow of silver lamé, which echoes the shape of wings. What about the silk ribbons that hang from the beaks of each “love dove”? Pay them homage with a dramatic cake table canopy. Instead of tulle, glue individual white satin ribbons (about 2 to 3 inches wide) around your hoop, cutting them long enough to “puddle” on the floor. Stud each ribbon with loose faux pearls, and finish the hoop with silver lamé.

For your floral arrangements and centerpieces, you’ll want the kind so large and formal that the containers themselves seem to disappear. You’ll also want to keep greenery to a minimum and stick with the ethereal look of blooms. Think tightly packed white roses, lisianthus, or peonies over a tall, narrow vase, with nary a leaf in view, but perhaps a blush of pink. For vases, try flawlessly polished silver. Or place your arrangements in tall, clear Eiffel vases filled to the top with faux pearls .

For low centerpieces between your floral arrangments, consider faux bird nests from the craft store you’ve spray-painted silver. Fill each nest with an enormous single bloom of hydrangea or peony. Surround with marabou feathers, faux pearls or white rose petals. Glue a bow and a dove charm to each of your flower girl’s Mary Janes. And she’ll look charming in a glorious set of feather wings.

When it’s time to depart, have your guests toss birdseed from paper cones. For a beautiful presentation, make the cones yourself with designs you’ve photocopied from a charming vintage dove theme valentine. And of course, release white “doves” (which are really racing pigeons that look exactly like doves and are perfectly adapted to finding their way home).

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There are plenty of traditional offerings for a dove theme cake topper, including these:

  • Porcelain dove cake topper
  • Porcelain dove cake topper on bed of flowers
  • Lenox doves cake topper with gold trim
  • Gazebo with doves cake topper

But you won’t want to miss the least literal of these: white feathers topped by a spray of crystals and pearls.