How Has Europe Inspired Wedding Dresses?

While Europe isn’t a huge continent, there are a huge range of cultures and styles that are being adopted into a range of wedding dress styles. With so much to choose from, it can be difficult for brides to decide which of their wedding dress designs they want, so we’re taking a look at all of the different inspirations that the cultures in Europe have had on the designs of wedding dresses. If you’re heading to Europe on the hunt of a beautiful dress for your wedding day, then it is important that you carry out an EHIC card renewal before you travel.


If you’re looking for a beach wedding, bohemian style dress, then turning to the flowing silk of Greek designers could be the best bet for you. Grecian style wedding dresses are ideal for their flowing, and simple designs, which can be both tight in order to transform your curves, and have a small amount of detail as though you’re a Greek Goddess. Costarellos and Sophia Tolli are two of the most well-known Greek wedding dress designers that you should make sure to look at if you’re considering being a boho-style bride perfect for a beach wedding.


One of the biggest influences that Italian culture has had on wedding dresses is the introduction of hand crafter, cotton and lace dresses. These are often meticulously handcrafted, and extremely luxurious, and with a range of Italian designers inputting their designs to wedding dresses all over the world, these far more traditional designs are perfect for a traditional wedding. Intricate skirts, glorious details particularly on the shoulder, waist, neckline and back, and very fine elegant fabrics are all Italian inspired wedding dress designs.


Endlessly beautiful, and tasteful, with an element of casual rock chick is something that the French culture implements into the wedding dresses that they design. Edgy is something that the French do well, but this is also combined with a clean elegance that many designers struggle to carry off. Boho-style and structureless is something that many French designers have implemented in to their designs, with Delphine Manivet, Laure de Sagazan, Rime Arodaky and Manon Gontero being some of the biggest names in French wedding dress design.


While England is not well-known for classy, beautiful fashion like other countries such as Italy and France are famous for, the well-structured, ball-gown style wedding dress is one thing that did appear from English designers. A classic structured look, full of clean lines, and exquisite fabrics are some of the most exquisite influences, as well as a quintessential 1920s feel of sequins, beading, pearls and metal embellishments. Blush, pale gold and nude colours are probably the most popular colours of bridal dresses looking to replicate a classic British, but also a Hollywood style to their wedding day.

Many famous wedding dress designers have taken these designs and explored them with a mixture of elements from many countries in Europe. Justin Alexander for example, takes the traditional structure of a wedding dress, and combines this with elegant, flowy lace patterns, trims and sweetheart backs and fronts that can suit a variety of different people’s shapes and desired fits.