Groom’s Parents To Thank The Bride’s Parents

I have a question to ask on behalf of my mother, who was the stepmother of the groom at a recent wedding that we attended for my stepbrother. The bride’s family paid for much of the wedding, and my mother and the bride’s mother exchanged emails & phone calls prior to the wedding (e.g., to discuss clothing color, etc.). My mom is curious to know if it expected/appropriate/inappropriate to contact the mother of the bride (& her husband) after the event – possibly to thank her, congratulate her, let her know that the cermony & reception were beautiful (on the beach in San Diego), or maybe just to let her know that we all had a wonderful time (at the event that the bride’s family obviously put a lot of thought, planning and money into)? I’m not sure if that would be a thoughtful and appropriate gesture or if it’s even necessary (since clearly a lot of that was expressed & known during the event). Any thoughts on the matter would be much appreciated!

I have destination/beach wedding questions of my own for my wedding coming up soon…..but I’ll post those in the appropriate section

Wedding Queen

It would be a lovely and generous gesture on the part of your stepmother to let the hosts know how much enjoyment was received by their guests. Your stepmother could send a note, a bouquet of flowers or any other simple sort of acknowledgement. I’m sure they would appreciate knowing.