Having a ceremony after getting married at Justice of the Peace

We actually got married in November by a Justice of the Peace and are having our ceremony this June. We exchanged rings the first time…but my ring was a 3 piece set, so we used one band for the first and will use the other for the wedding in June. What should I get him for the ceremony in June??? He wears his wedding band and another ring on his opposite ring finger…but sometimes wears a pinky ring. Would it be really stupid to get him a pinky ring for the ceremony? or should we just reuse his wedding band and “pretend”? The majority of our families don’t know that we got married already…so I don’t want anything to look out of place and give it away. BUT I still want it to be special :)) He isn’t picky…so I’m not worried about what he will think…its just me being weird!

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As noted in many, many previous posts (please use the search tool), since you are already married there cannot be another wedding ceremony.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

I completely agree. You two are already husband and wife and “Pretending” for any reason isn’t fair or polite to your guests.

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Wow! Well here is my next question: Is it even alright to have a renewal ceremony?

I never asked for the “proper etiquette” way to have a second wedding ceremony, I was just looking for a suggestion on rings.

But thanks for the added information that I could care less about. Married or not…I am having an actual ceremony.


The “fair and polite” factor has nothing to do with it. We had personal reasons to get married ahead of time. I’ve never heard anything about it being wrong to have a proper ceremony at a different time.

Forget I mentioned anything about this…and thank you for giving me a reason to not be part of this forum.

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We give advice on proper etiquette. We could not answer your question using our knowledge of proper wedding etiquette since having a wedding after you’re already married and trying to fool your guests isn’t polite. If you don’t care about etiquette or your guests then you really should bother with our forum.

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