How to keep bugs from ruining outdoor wedding reception.

I am getting married in August at the home of the groom’s parents, outdoor wedding reception at 6 PM. His mother is freaking out about the food being outside because of the bugs. Do you have any suggestions for keeping them away from the food? I was thinking maybe having a small tent with a mesh type curtain around the whole thing but I don’t know if this would work or if it would be tacky. Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks Katie

Nancy Tucker

Dear KBradley,

What you want to do is have a professional spray for bugs a day or 2 before the wedding and by all means look into a tent.

Control what you can and don’t try to change what you can’t.

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How about a couple of those electric bug zappers around the perimeter of the property? If it is a large piece of propert place them far out of guests earshot. If a smaller property then have them set up for a few days before, and shut them off at the start of the reception if you cannot stand the sound. You could always turn them back on if it gets unbearable.

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Citronella candle torches will help tremendously. Consider also having citronella candles on the dining tables. Colored fly strips can be suspended from the eaves of the house and if done in equal spacing will end up looking like decorations.[;)]

An insect fogger works much better than inspect spray. We reside in the country (three hundred acres) and have achieved wonderful results with a fogger. Propane gas foggers can be purchased at a hardware store and should only be used OUTSIDE, as they are flammable. Fog early in the evening the night before, while the air is still, and the following morning.

They make special tent food covers with mesh for outdoor picnics. Consider purchasing some and place over the food, they work great. Your guests will be able to see what the food is, it will be protected, and acts like a “lid”. Just be sure to allow sufficient room on the tables to use them.

You might consider having your wedding cake ceremony held separately in a screened in tent. Put your main decorating emphasis on your “cake” tent, so when the photographer takes the pictures it will look nice. Consider having a tall live plants in each of the corners, tulle and small white lights hanging within from the top, or something similar, or perhaps colored fabric sheets to match your theme.