Including Size Information in a Lingerie Shower Invitation

Hi, my sister is getting married in March. She is having a destination wedding in Las Vegas. I am planning on throwing her a personal shower (almost a lingerie shower). The guest list is mostly very close friends and family but there are a few “strangers” for lack of a better word (people whom my sister is not as comfortable with). My mother has said to me that it is inappropriate not to include a list of my sisters sizes along with the mailed invites. I disagree, i think it is going overboard. Which would be proper?

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

Firstly, only those invited to the wedding, and those closest to your sister, should be invited to a shower, especially such a personal shower. So, please reconsider your guest list.

Shower invitations can include gift registry information. It is appropriate to include size information with a lingerie shower invitation. But remember that you can only suggest these sorts of gifts. It is ultimately up the the guest to choose the gift they’d like to bring.


I must not have stated correctly that only the people invited to the shower are invited to the wedding. The “strangers” I was referring to are friends of her future other in law. My sister is NOT registering for this event. In fact, it is a surprise for her.

How do I go about listing her size information then? Should I include an attachment or write it on the invitation?

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

You can include size information on an enclosure with the invitation.