The Perfect Gifts for Your Groomsmen

Weddings provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate not only the love that exists between you and your bride, but also between your closest family and friends. As the groom, some of the most valued people in that sacred inner circle will be the same ones that you choose for your groomsmen.

Groomsmen gifts are an old tradition, intended to show these favoured friends how much you care about them and appreciate them being there for you, not just on your wedding day but every day. We so rarely take the time to show the people we love how much they mean to us, that when we’re prompted to do so, it’s really important to get it right.

The best gifts mean something: they create memories, demonstrate knowledge of the recipient’s passions and hobbies, or perhaps celebrate the times that you’ve shared. Understanding this, and finding a present that meets all of these criteria, however, can be two very different things, so here are a few great gift ideas to point you in the right direction.

Gift Idea One: Personalised Presents

The very best groomsmen gifts are the ones that memorialise your wedding day, whilst at the same time expressing your gratitude for your groomsmen’s help and their enduring friendship. Personalised gifts are a brilliant way to not only commemorate the event, but also to convey a heartfelt sentiment and demonstrate how

To start, think about presents that would fit the individual personalities of your groomsmen. If you have one friend that’s a golf aficionada, how about a set of golf balls with his initials, or an engraved club? Or, for a suave personality, why not choose a timeless designer watch that he’ll treasure forever, and have the date of your wedding and a thank you message etched onto the back? There are so many brilliant gifts that can be personalised that you can simply think of a present you know they’ll love, and then do a quick Google search to find a retailer offering the service you need.

What about your groomsman’s face hand painted by an artist on a beer mug? Beer makes men smile without much help, but pouring it into a mug with their mug on it is pure giddiness. And – it’s as personalised as you can get.

Groovy Groomsmen Gifts carries so many brilliant groomsmen gifts that can be personalised that you can simply think of a present you know they’ll love, and then do a quick search to find the item.

Gift Idea Two: Make Memories

One of the most fundamental things that binds friends together is the memories they share, so how about thinking outside the box to make sure that you can create some more? You’re sure to have a stag night to remember, but it can still be nice to round up your groomsmen and do something special together. Take a trip abroad to somewhere that you’ve always talked about going, or spend a weekend playing golf, fishing in the Lake District, or learning to surf.

Gift Idea Three: Group Gifts

Individual presents can be incredibly special, but there’s also something to be said for group gifts. Mark yourselves as a band of brothers by buying your groomsmen matching rings inscribed with the date of your wedding, giving them identical gifts of cufflinks, or presenting them with bracelets inscribed with a childhood motto or symbol of friendship.

It’s down to you now. What gifts will you choose?