4 p.m. June outdoor wedding – white “capris”?

My friend recently convinced me to try on a pair of white capri pants, they are actually a little shorter than typical capris, probably about 2-3 inches past my knees, and the material is like dress pants that I would wear to work. She thought that with a dressy top they would be ok for a wedding.

The wedding is at 4 p.m. in June, at a park, informal, and the reception is at 6 in a hotel reception hall. Would this be appropriate? I am seriously questioning it but they are very cute and could be dressed up…Haven’t been to many weddings lately. Any suggestions on what’s good to dress them up with if they would work? I was thinking a shell with a cardigan or shrug over it and some accessories. (I am 23 and so are the people getting married, if that makes any difference).

If not – is a little black dress too harsh for an outdoor summer wedding, or is it ok anytime?


Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Wearing Capris,

For the most informal wedding held earlier in the day this would be fine. But, you are also attending the reception in a location wear this attire may be too informal.

The dress would be a better choice. Any color besides red would be fine.

Best wishes,