MarriageLicenseNow: An Easy Online Guide

There are so many things to consider during wedding planning.  In the frenzy of invitations, venues and dresses, don’t forget about your marriage license.  Without that important document you may say “I do” during your ceremony, but the United States government will not recognize your marriage as legal.  No newlywed wants to hear that they’re not legally married…so add marriage license application to the top of your to-do list!

A marriage license is the legal document issued by your county clerk’s office that will be filed by your minister or officiant after your wedding ceremony to ensure that you are legally married.  After it is filed, a certified marriage certificate will be issued by the clerks office and mailed to you.  That document is your legal proof of marriage.

Every state and even each individual county can have different rules relating to filing for your marriage license.  It is imperative to research the rules of the county you are getting married in.  You should know if both you and your fiance need to file in person, how many days prior to your wedding you should file, how long your marriage license is good for, what the fee is and  if any blood test results or legal documents need to be presented when you file.

Need a marriage license, but are dreading the hassle of researching all of the requirements?  Check out MarriageLicenseNow, the easy online guide to all the specific county information a bride needs to prepare for her application.  You’ll have instant access to the most up-to-date information available for your county as well as insider tips from brides who recently filed for a marriage license in your county.  How’s that for easy?!