Roses and weddings

The rose is a special flower that is not going to be old fashioned ever…. It’s a special flower, with a special odor and it’s suitable in every situation, being really elegant in the same time. Even from the most remote times people have had a great passion for these types of flowers.

roses and weddings

In this manner, the floor of Cleopatra were paved with rose petals and the great Confucius had over 600 books on how roses can be taken care of. In his plays, Shakespeare makes more than 50 references to roses….
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Nobles and delicates, roses are sold only in North America in a number of over 20 millions cut and two times less than garden flowers.

roses and weddings 2

You can sue this flower at your wedding, starting from the chair decorations, the table decorations and up to decorations applied to your own bridal gown or you could definitely do a gorgeous rose bouquet.

Roses are a symbol of beauty, love, joy, goodness and in addition they’re a symbol of love. But not only their colors and their aspect makes them so appreciated, but their smell as well, it’s so special that the majority of the perfumes have at their basis rose essence.

There are some other roses that don’t have an odor, some smell awfully and in this case you can bet on their gorgeous aspect. Surely you’re not going to fail with a rose bouquet….

roses and weddings 3

You can use white roses that can be in perfect concordance with your white wedding gown or you can alternate yellow roses with red ones. You could even try a combination of roses with other flowers; you’re going to have a rich bouquet and a fresh air, as well as regal in the same time.

There are multiple types of roses much interesting than others, you can apply for any kind of model you wish, with extra elements and details or smaller and in different colors.

You could also realize a wonderful décor for the bouquet that adorns the car in which the groom and bride are brought, you could even blend multiple flowers with roses and we guarantee a refined effect.

No matter the manner in which you decide to use these flowers they’re suitable in any kind of situation. Every color has its own significance. The red roses express beauty, courage, respect, but they’re also a declaration of love. Blue roses express respect and gratitude.

The yellow roses besides jealousy, they express friendship and the promise of a new beginning. The white roses are commonly used in bridal bouquets, but they’re offered in other occasions as well, they’re a symbol of innocence, calm and they can be also a sign of humility or keeping a secret.

You can use the rose as a hair accessory; a rose in white tone placed in the hair can offer you a fresh touch….