RSVP for plated dinner reception

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We are getting ready to print our own RSVP cards, and I’m having trouble figuring out my wording. I am having a plated dinner and I will have to mark each place card to show who is having what (which is no problem, my caterer and I have already come up with a system). My problem is how to make my guests mark WHO is having which dish instead of how many guests want each dish.

I read another post saying I could send seperate RSVP cards for each guest, but there are times that I’m inviting a family of 5-6, and that could be alot. Or, if it’s Mr. Smith and “Guest”, I will need the name of the guest and his/her meal choice for the place card.

Any suggestions will be great. I’m sure if the problem only comes up a couple times I will call and get the specifics, I just don’t want it to happen on EVERY RSVP card.

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Did anyone have any suggestions for me? I am still trying to figure it out so that I can print them.

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I used the search tool below to search for RSVP meal choice and got this post, which you may find helpful:

RSVP Meal Choice

The search tool is a cool feature you can use while you wait for our experts to answer. Usually, they are very busy with wedding planning come Thursday until Sunday. [;)]

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When doing food choices on the rsvp card, you should provide a line for each name and meal selected.

name____John Grover__meal choice chicken

or beef___rg___chicken_______fish __jg__please initial your choice