Ten Bride-Approved Wedding Day Details

How amazing are weddings? I swear I must be online looking at wedding blogs at least once a week. It’s almost becoming a bit addictive! It’s almost my version of Facebook addiction… I just love the way in which every single wedding that you see is so unique, and how people are so innovative and manage to use their own personal touches to make their special day an extravaganza of colour, light and amazing memories. I’m not just a wedding day tragic, I am actually currently planning my wedding and have been lurking pretty hard on a lot of different blogs, so I feel like I have gained a pretty good overall awareness of the various kinds of things that brides and grooms have been doing. I wanted to compile them into a list of things here to share them with you, because it’s actually been a bit of a slog going through the various kinds of weddings and working out what I wanted to use for my wedding day. This list is a hit-list of the most commonly seen additions and decorative elements that I’ve seen brides using, and I’ve compiled them all in no particular order in the hopes it makes planning your big day a whole lot easier!

fairy lights wedding

Fairy Lights Galore

Ok, it might be a bit of a tired old cliche to have the place festooned with fairy lights at your wedding, but come on – there’s a reason why they’re so prolific: They’re completely stunning! Make sure that you use a nice soft glow for the bulbs and that you have enough of them scattered throughout the trees so that it creates a fairy-like atmosphere. Even better is if you can hide them from your guests so that once the sun goes down and you start to see the sunset, the bulbs can come twinkling on, astonishing and amazing your guests and bathing everyone in the soft glow from the lights.



The photobooth has almost become ubiquitous with weddings, and with good reason – there’s something so fun about cramming into the photobooth and snapping some photos with your friends (old and new) that really makes the moment! I went to a friend’s wedding recently in Western Australia and she had found the best photo booth hire in Perth for her nuptials and it was truly so much fun, with so many memories of the day and night.



Once again, it seems like it’s an obvious choice but candlelight is just so romantic, and perfect for an outdoor wedding without too much wind where the soft glow can work with nature to create the perfect vibe.


Better than rice for the environment, you can give your guests some bubbles to blow as you walk out of the church or out of the ceremony tent and into the reception.


A cute keepsake for your guests to take home will add that special touch for your wedding. Think about getting some handmade lavender bags or something like a bottle opener for the guys to take home. They’ll love the special touch.


Sweet bar

You can get a candy buffet for your wedding which takes away from the usual dessert or cake course – and you can even display your wedding cake at the centre of the sweet buffet which will add that super sweet touch to your wedding.

Branded wine and beer

Why not get some branded beer and wine made up for your wedding? You can get special labels made up for your guests to drink and take home – this adds a lovely personalised touch to the event.

Outdoor weddings

Just in general – I love outdoor weddings. I don’t know if this counts as a detail per se, but it’s certainly awesome to experience! I know my wedding is going to be an outdoor one – but I’ll make sure I have a wet weather plan (as should you!).

Table Decor

Think about getting some handmade crocheted doilies for your wedding if you’re going for a handmade theme, and if you’re working for a sleeker look, think about getting some lovely lighting. An outdoor wedding could have boughs of native plants on the tables as centrepieces too.

Wedding website

A great way to set the mood for your wedding is to create a branded website with your details on it which will allow your guests to RSVP, to find out details and to enjoy looking at the bridal gift register. Make it easy for your guests and they’ll thank you!
Good luck and happy planning for your wedding day. This list will hopefully help you with your upcoming nuptials!