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Top 5 Wedding Website Builders: Check Them Out!

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While the basic wedding structure hasn’t changed much in decades, the invention of the Internet has allowed engaged couples to easily build websites dedicated exclusively to their wedding plans and big day. Also called “websites,” wedding websites allow you to add all that vital information that won’t fit on your invitations, such as registry and hotel info, directions, the ability to RSVP online, and even some backstory about how you met, how long you’ve been together, etc. With that in mind, let’s check out five of the top wedding website builders currently in existence and what makes them so gosh-darn cool:

1. AppyCouple

Shell out $28 big ones for this wedding app, the alternative to the wedding website! Most people are attached at the hand to their smartphones these days, and AppyCouple provides everything you need to create a custom wedding app featuring all that pertinent information about your nuptials. An added bonus? Lots of visually-pleasing themes to choose from!

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2. Glo

A free one-month trial is available for Glo, which costs between $19.99 and $34.99 per month if you decide to use it. Hailed as one of the most feature-tastic of all wedding website creators, it may be the most expensive, but you can understand why! Advanced options include matching online invites, guest list management, RSVPs, and tons of amazing-looking themes. You can even upload your own design to use on your site!

3. Wedding JoJo

Forget the clutter and confusion that accompany many wedding websites. Wedding JoJo is a clean, easy-to-navigate site complete with lovely templates, simple options, a planning kit, blog integration and so much more. Pick from the freebie or the paid option depending on what you want.

4. Weebly – Free

Weebly gives millions of people a surprisingly easy and affordable way to create a site that is as unique as they are. Weebly gives everyone the freedom to start a site, blog or online store that works brilliantly across computers, phones and tablets. While not strictly designed for weddings, it is so flexible and easy to use that it is perfect for your wedding website.

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5. eWedding

Start with the free two-month trial and pay $14.95 per month afterwards for this feature-rich options. eWedding’s premium option isn’t as expensive as its competitors and contains all the wonderful features you’d expect. Note that the free option includes ads, and the themes aren’t exactly up to proverbial snuff. However, it’s still a viable option for the budget-conscious couples of the world.

More Options

Check out these additional options:

  • Beside You Forever ($29) — One design and a few simple options complete with RSVP, email, photo and registry features.
  • Wix (Free) — A full website builder with an added wedding option — free and easy to use, it also contains flash options.
  • Nearlyweds ($14.99/mo or $99/yr) — Full featured with plenty of design options, although the designs are a bit stale.
  • Wedsite ($39/6mo, $49/yr, $69/2yrs, 7 day trial) — No ads and fairly nice designs, this option features unlimited photos and a music playlist option.
  • WeddingWindow (Free – $139/yr) — Another full featured option, it’s more expensive, however it offers both free and premium themes.
  • Momentville (Free – $49.95) — Not the prettiest wedsite option available.
  • WeddingDonkey (Free, $10/mo, $15/mo)
  • Weduary (Free, Optional Paid Themes)

Pick one you like and have fun!

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