When do people throw rice at us??

We are having rice thrown at us after the ceremony but I’m not sure how to do it. I’ve never been to a wedding so i have NO idea of order. Do we wait inside the church until everyone has walked by and then we run out and have rice thrown at us? Or is there a better way? Someone, help please!! Thanks

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites,

Please check with your church to be sure that they actually allow rice to be thrown at the bride and groom. Many churches have now asked guests to throw alternatives to rice such as rice or rose petals. They can also direct you about where, when and how to have the “rice” tossed at the you. Typically, the bride and groom would form a receiving line at the back of the church, guests would file out and then as the bride and groom exits the church the guests throw the rice.

Try watching some videos on DVD of movies with weddings to get some ideas of how others might do this.

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Should the church allow the use of rice, be sure to ask whether someone must be designated to clean it up. I’m more partial to bubbles. This is because a few of my clients who also choose to have rice tossed mentioned to me afterward that they didn’t realize the rice would sting.

If for some reason the church doesn’t want to permit the use of rice or anything else, an alternative would be to have a basket of bubbles situated where guests enter the dining area of your Reception site. When you and your Groom arrive at the Reception venue, but before you actually enter the dining area, the MC directs guests to open their bottles of bubbles. Once you are announced as husband and wife for the first time, enter and the guests will then blow bubbles. It’s really a lot of fun and very pretty.

Another inexpensive way to celebrate you is to buy little silver bells for the guests to ring. You can get them at your local party store.


We are allowed to throw rice, and they have arranged for the rice to be cleaned up. My mom thinks it’s a great idea to have the rice thrown because she remembers her mom’s dress still having the rice in it and she really liked it. I don’t like the idea of bubbles, too messy. About the stinging, maybe I’ll take some rice and get someone to throw it at me to see how it feels.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites,

I am not a fan of the rice myself. When I got married 20 years ago the guests threw rice, got a little carried away and I ended up with rice in one of my eyes (not to mention everywhere else including some areas you wouldn’t want to mention). The eye teared up and made my make up run and I remembered thinking that I was happy that it wasn’t more serious. I like the rose petals myself…they smell pretty and are very soft! Bubbles and silver bells are nice too.