Open air wedding

Organizing a wedding ceremony can turn out to be a really fun task and you’re going to have lots of fun while you’re doing it and arranging all the details. Don’t forget though that in this fun activity you have to maintain simplicity and elegance in your wedding.

Use different tones of the same color and you can emphasize it with the help of white or cream in order to create an interesting visual effect as well….

open air wedding

You can use different delicate fabric for adorning the tables and chairs if you want to create the air of the interwar period you can use table covers made of vintage fabric and in layered details.
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The best solution that you can find for menus is the Swedish buffet. Keep the menu simple, placing all at the service of your guests. Also, it’s important that you add lemonade, cold tea and punch. As for the meals, the grilled products seem the most appropriate from our perspective.

You can adorn the tall trees with small lights, place cards with hand indications as well as placing them in trees with the help of ribbons. You’re going to create in this way a fairytale atmosphere.

A surface made of wood and adorned with ivy and fresh flowers can be the main point of the wedding and to which everybody is going to focus on.

open air wedding 2

Instead of using a traditional cake you can apply for a floral theme for adorning your cake. Use a them and name each table in a manner, for example: ladybug, butterfly, pigeon and so on.

When you cover the chairs and tie them in the back side, place in the middle side of the bow a small flower, like a rose. You can apply for hiring a band and not a DJ, because this will definitely create an interesting atmosphere in your open air wedding. You can also hire a local group for dancing and this will bring extra atmosphere to your wedding air wedding 3

Serve the coffee in vintage cups, which you’re going to find really easily. Don’t hesitate to use them even if they have small imperfections or the colors don’t match with the chosen theme.

Send simple and elegant invitations made of paper and wrapped around with a colored bow and adorned with flower petals.

Use a rectangular table as the main table. You can adorn it with tulle and white lights; you can use even flowers in the corners.

Choose a period of the year in which the garden in which you’re realizing your open air wedding looks like in stories and fairytales, when all the flowers are blossomed and this means during the summer.