Wedding Accessories & Supplies That Do, Say and Mean Something

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Wedding Accessories Are All In The Details.

After the vows have been said and the honeymoon taken, you should look back on your wedding planning experience with only fond memories. That includes the sourcing of those essential wedding supplies and accessories. The following are some unique ideas for turning a potential chore into some of your most precious moments.


Incorporate Your Accessories Into The Wedding Decor.

Instead of thinking of guest books, disposable wedding cameras and cocktail napkins as supplies that will be used once and then thrown away, think of each item as a decorating element to the overall presentation.

  1. Many times, a guest book is a last minute purchase that is nearly forgotten. It isn’t given much thought. And it winds up being a boring, white, fabric-covered book with lined pages from the wedding supplies section of a knick knack store. When there are so many options, there really is no excuse for a boring guest book. If your event is lavish and you want to convey a sense of opulence, you may opt for a custom made guest book and matching pen stand covered in fine fabrics and adorned with luxurious ribbon and crystal brooches. If your wedding is more young and energetic, you may want to use an instant photo guest book. Guests will be encouraged to have fun taking Polaroid pictures and write witty messages alongside. I’ve heard of couples who used picture books of their wedding destination as guest books, utilizing the front and back cover as places for the guests to write and then displaying on their coffee table.
  2. Another great wedding idea that is often overlooked until the last minute is providing disposable cameras at each table for guests to use. These usually end up being standard black and white cameras that do not coordinate with other elements of your reception table décor. Nowadays you can find all kinds of one-time-use cameras designed just for weddings. Some have prints, some are solid colors and others can be personalized with your names and date of the wedding. These cameras not only blend into the table setting but can really enhance the overall look and the guests have a lot of fun with them too.
  3. Cocktail napkins and coasters are probably not wedding supplies that are on the
    minds of couples planning a wedding. But if you had the time and resources, a simple beverage napkin or coaster can become a conversation piece. Consider printed napkins and personalized coasters in the colors of your reception for the cocktail hour. You may choose a simple message of thanks, or a classy monogram. Guests will love the personal touch.


Wedding Supplies = Gifts

Many of your wedding supplies can be given to your guests at the end of the reception. Tabletop decorations including flowers, vases and place card holders make great favors and can even be given out as prizes!

  1. Beautiful floral centerpieces often go to waste at the end of the reception. At a wedding I attended, the couple designed a lottery and came up with a way to award each of their gorgeous centerpieces to a certain guest who has “earned” it. For examples, one centerpiece was given to the guests who had been married the longest, one was given to the guest whose birthday was the closest and another was given to the guest who had traveled the furthest to attend. Another idea is to tape a card to the bottom of one guest chair at each table.
  2. Encourage your guests to take home wedding accessories such as votive holders and place card holders that you may have purchased for the tables. This way, you won’t be stuck with dozens of candles and vases after the wedding. Be sure to ask the DJ to announce this at the end of the evening so guests will know.

Whether you’re looking for wedding decorations or other wedding supplies, be sure to think of each as a piece of the big picture that will ultimately come together to create your special day. Nothing is insignificant when it comes to your wedding. Breathe life, style and personality into planning every aspect and you will enjoy the memory of the experience for the rest of your life. Remember, it is all in the details.

Check out the Top Wedding Accessory Websites