5 Stylish Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Footwear

If you identify a destination with your dream wedding, there are some essential arrangements to do that are anything but normal. Whether walking the beach or visiting your favorite ski resort, the shoe might be one thing to make or break your day. When choosing your dress and all the accessories, consider the conditions of your location. Here are five tips to help you choose the right shoe for your destination wedding.

A Day at the Beach

A beach ceremony is a reasonable approach to a wedding, but it doesn’t come without obstacles — namely sand, which will destroy any satin pump. Look for sandals or flip flops with gemstones or pearls. You can add color with a floral accessory that matches your wedding theme, or choose a tinted sandal with shells and enhance your outfit with coral matching.

You’re getting married on a beach, though, so consider scratching shoes from the plan and going barefoot. Show off your pedicure or opt for jewelry. A minimalist approach is fitting for your ocean union.


Want to go far, far away for your memorable day and play the role of a Celtic lady in waiting. First, book your Irish castle complete with ceremony and reception spots way ahead of time; then book travel for your bridal party and closest relatives who will go along for the ride. Then, the details … regarding attire — if it’s rich you want, lavish you will have. For a costumed event check online at Buycostumes or dress-up shops in your town. The shoes? Consider that the Irish dance is a jive like none other (think Riverdance) and have miles upon miles of green grass and stone structures.

Ranch Style

A bride and groom planning to marry on the back of stallions should have some nifty cowboy boots to complete their western wedding dress. For the woman who is just a little bit country, look for boots with floral designs embedded into the leather. You can match the colors with flowers you put in your hair or a sash on the dress. A pair of white leather adds classic charm and western posh to wedding apparel.

A pop of color, when you pick up your dress, will wow guests as you dance the night away. If you don’t want to wear boots for the ceremony but are willing to kick your heels up when the dancing begins, change into fancy brown boots before the reception.

Picnic in the Park

A park ceremony is a comfortable choice for the wedding couple who wants to avoid all the veils and ties associated with a formal setting. Pair a fabulous sundress with strappy wedge sandals to enhance the look.

White Winter Wedding

Take your wedding to extraordinary heights and have it at your favorite ski resort. You can have the ceremony inside a retreat or even in the snow if you’re feeling brave. Choose a wedding boot for the slopes, go with a fluffy flip flop for comfort inside and sneakers for dancing at the reception. Typically brides marrying in the snow wear long dresses anyway, so keep guests wondering what you have to keep you warm on your feet.

Planning a wedding is a complex process, but putting a destination wedding together is extremely difficult. Don’t forget your feet when you’re creating menus, finding the dress, and booking travel arrangements. Find the perfect location and then shop for the perfect shoe.