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How do you decide what to wear to a summer wedding? You’ve been trawling the internet for inspiration but now you’re in a spin as you alternate between suits and shift dresses, sandals and stilettos.

Firstly, dress code – if it isn’t specified, study the invitation for clues. If you’re holding a 5mm thick cream card embossed with lavish black lettering you can be pretty sure that the occasion will be formal and you should dress accordingly. If it’s a handwritten ‘We’re getting hitched, bring a bottle’ note then you can probably afford to be more relaxed with your outfit.

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Never wear white – you’ll look like you’re trying to overshadow the bride. Black should be avoided for daytime weddings, as should sequins, which will make you look overdressed. Do consider fresh, summer colours like turquoise, yellow, mint green and strawberry.

Show some decorum! Steer clear of anything that might be deemed inappropriate – ultra-short skirts, revealing necklines, see-through fabrics and strapless boob tubes are best left to your clubbing expeditions.

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You can’t go far wrong with a pretty, summer dress made from a quality fabric. Choose something classic and feminine – Cocktail dresses are stylish and versatile, ideal for weddings that spill from day into night. This year, block colours, floral prints and nautical stripes are all in, so choose something that suits your height and shape.

If you haven’t got the funds to splash out on a whole new wedding outfit, survey your wardrobe for what you might be able to revamp with one key statement piece. A new shrug could transform that trusty old dress.

The accessories you choose will make your outfit. Consider an eye-catching fascinator or chic straw hat, which you can embellish with a length of silk. Opera-length gloves should only be worn with sleeveless or strapless dresses. Choose a few pieces of jewellery that match your outfit but don’t go too wild with the bling.

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You’ll need a bag: one that complements your outfit and can house your essentials. Neutral tones are a sensible choice when it comes to accessories and clutches always come in handy.

Shoes – you could choose some beautiful, leg-lengthening heels but will you be in so much agony that you spend most of the day padding around in your tights? Choose a sandal style that keeps your feet in place, sling-back kitten heels, chic wedges or jewelled sandals. You could always slip a pair of ballet pumps in your bag for the dance floor. You’ll enjoy the wedding a whole lot more if you put comfort first.

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Go easy on the make-up.  It may be a special occasion but there’s no need to layer the slap on with a trowel. If it’s a hot day – unlikely but possible – you’ll end up looking like a melting ice-cream sundae. Replace heavy duty lipstick with a shimmering lip gloss and ditch clay-like foundation in favour of a light dusting of powder.

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