Colored leggings in the wedding day

Are you fed up that image that involve white from head to toes in your wedding day and you want something special ? Something special, but in the same time in trend?

Very well, then it’s time to think of colored leggings . Why not? They’re really in trend and they can be a touch of color for the bridal gown.

You can eventually accessorize the color of your leggings with a small detail placed in the hair and in the same nuance, you’re going to look really chic and fashionable and on top of all, you’re going to be different in comparison with the other brides. You can choose special colors!

From white to red, blue, violet, orange or yellow, we can choose and mix color of the leggings with the bridal gown or a small accessory in the hair. This will confer you a juvenile look, you’re going to look like a young and pretty lady, which has just gone out of high school with a playful and crazy air, but all of these in a positive sense.

In case in which the weather is going to get “bitter”, you can use instead of high heels a pair of low boots in white tone, which is certainly going to be appropriate with any color of legging you apply for.

The perfectly matte leggings and opaque go really great in veil wedding dresses or silk wedding dresses.

But if you still want to remain on the idea of the classical white then you can apply for a pair of white leggings, simple and thick that are going to look really great, especially if you’ve chosen a short wedding dress.

You can also apply for a pair of white leggings with model; there are different models that are going to make you feel special.

For example, if you’re a hippie bride you can apply for a pair of white leggings with models that have shapes of butterflies or even flowers.

The motif of flowers can encounter itself in any other side of your bridal gown, for example you can have such a flower in your hair or on the shoulder and so on. You decide how to play with accessories.

You could also opt for leggings of color of cream or pale yellow, really light, you’re going to remain a little bit in the classical pattern without getting too much out of patterns.

If you want to be as colored as possible you can apply for a pair of leggings in blue marine or even in yellow, really chic and trendy in the same time!

You can mix this detail with the makeup in that particular color that you’ve chosen for your leggings. For a discrete look, if we can name it in this way leave the electric colors like fuchsia or neon yellow aside and apply for a purple plum or kaki.

There are some other leggings that are really fashionable: those made of fine lace and they’re really suitable for a delicate bride like you are. Also with such lace leggings you’re going to look like a princess from other times.