Thin and tall grooms should be aware of these tips and tricks

Even though they don’t like to show it, men have some complexes too. These complaints about their look could come in various shapes: their weight, their height, their ears, and so on. What we desire to discuss in this article is a: wonderful wedding attire for tall and thin grooms. It may not be the ideal combination, but you will see that these are some helpful tricks that will make these grooms look gorgeous.

And normally because a men wedding attire is composed of a shirt, a jacket and some elegant pants we are going to give a special attention to these clothing items, so that our grooms will know exactly what they will have to do.

Let’s begin with your shirt. You must know that your wedding shirt should neither be too tight nor too loose, because otherwise you look ridiculous. When you will buy your groom shirt you should check out the way it fits your shoulders.

Besides that, the sleeve length is important too and it must be the right one for your body. Do not wear vertical stripes, because you will appear taller and thinner than you really are. You may wear light colors and horizontal stripes, in order to appear more massive.

In order to continue the previous idea, that of massiveness, we shall mention that you must use thick fabrics, to create this illusion. Jackets made of thin materials will make your body look weak and fragile. The best materials are tweed or wool, if you want to add weight when you wear a suit.

When you will choose your jacket you would better go for light colours. Black or dark blue are not recommended because it will create the opposite effect. When it comes to choosing the number of buttons, you should know that jackets with three buttons are the best. Make sure that the button in the middle will be closed.

And last but not least, your pants will have a normal or low waist, so that you will not look taller than you really are. A normal or a low waist will create a balance between your long torso and your legs.

And do not forget to pick a thinner tie, instead of a wider one. Wear this groom accessory with a small knot, so that you will keep a certain proportion will be established with your thin and long neg.