Wedding accessories for the flower dog

Well, depending from a wedding to another you’re able to encounter a detail or another, which differs from a wedding to the other. So, here’s a detail that we’ve omitted and we sincerely think that you have to be aware of. In fact, it isn’t a detail; it’s more like a key “element” or character in your wedding.

You know just how fond of dogs we are generally and we can’t omit the fact that the dog is the “man’s best friend”. More and more dogs have been placed in wedding ceremonies to be essential components and members. The roles of the dog during a wedding ceremony can differ from a wedding to the other.

That’s why for this matter we would like to mention some details about the wedding accessories that can accompany the “best dog”.

If you like to, the flower girl can be the one who carries the dog leash and takes the god to the altar. Also, the dog can stay next to the bride and groom and it can carry the rings and be offered at the end of the ceremony to the two. So, next to the collar you may be thinking of applying for a pillow on which you place the pillow with nice ruffled details on it and the rings in the middle make sure that the dog is a calm one; you don’t want to loose your wedding accessories.

Instead of a pillow you can attach to the dog’s back a ring holder, which is in fact placed on the wings. For this matter, the wings look really nice and they’re the perfect accessory that you can put in the back of the flower girl as well. The dog needs a person to guide it and we consider the flower girl the most appropriate for doing it.

Here’s another wedding accessory that we find appropriate for the flower dog to wear: the wedding bandana, which can be attached also in the dog’s back side and you can observe the writing on it, which also looks really interesting – the “dog of honor” writing, which will definitely fix which is the most important canine participant in your wedding.

If you want to add an extra funny touch to your wedding then here’s the perfect wedding accessory for doing it – you can apply for a maid of honor bandana that has on it funny reasons for which supposedly the dob would have been the appropriate character for the role of maid of honor.

It’s indeed a funny wedding accessory and it can also be attached to the back side of the “flower dog” for an extra funny air added to the wedding.