The Best Wedding Dresses for Your Body Type

On the biggest day of your life, finding the right wedding dress for your body type is essential because you want to look and feel great on this special day. There are so many styles of wedding dresses and some fit certain body types better than others, so the key is to find the right style of dress for your body type.

Finding the right type of wedding dress

Many women struggle when looking for the right type of wedding dress. This is often due to not knowing your body type and not being aware of what suits you and what doesn’t. Often, brides will take family and friends along when they try on wedding dresses. The wrong dress can make you feel frumpy or cut you off on a wider area of your body. They could be too long, too short, the wrong color, the wrong texture and more.

Before you start your wedding dress search, it is important to know your body type and the kind of dresses you prefer. If you are unsure, there are plenty of websites which offer you advice and visual aids. Many store clerks, especially those at wedding stores, can help you to understand which body type you are. Once you know, this you can quickly learn to pick the kinds of wedding dresses that will suit you and know which ones to steer clear of.


Different body types

Many of the most popular wedding dress styles are sweetheart cut and long line, or strapless with a bustier build in. These types of wedding dresses are not for everyone’s body type, so below are some of the main body types and the kinds of dresses that will suit them best:

  • Apple shape — Apple shaped women tend to have thinner arms and legs and their body from shoulder to hips is the same size. Wearing a dress with a deep v-neckline can cut into your mid-section and make it look thinner.
  • Pear shaped — If you are pear shaped, you carry more weight around your lower half. A dress with a corset bodice and A -formation will show off your slim waist and detract from your lower half. Make sure the material in the skirt is full to balance out your body type and that the material skims the lower body.
  • Petite — Be wary of excessive layering and ruffles that can drown your petite frame. Go for a trumpet or A-line dress with a raised waist that can elongate your figure. Fitted dresses look much more attractive, rather than long ruffles and layered gowns.
  • Plus sized — An empire dress with a skirt that starts under the bust area and flows into an A-line can look beautiful on larger frames. Make sure that there is no pleating in the fabric. The dress should play up your curvy frame rather than drown it or look like maternity wear.

Tips and advice

After you have found the right dress to suit your body type and make you look and feel fabulous, it is time to think about what you will wear under the dress. Wearing supportive underwear and making use of body shapers such as the Miss Belt Slimmer Shaper can make a huge difference to how you look in your wedding dress and also make you feel more confident and shapely in your gown. You need to carefully consider the best shapewear for your body and type and for the dress you have chosen. Some key tips are:

  • Plan ahead — If you plan on wearing shapewear, make sure you are wearing it at your dress fitting so that the alterations will be correct on your big day.
  • Get the right size — While it may be tempting to purchase a smaller size, it is important that your shapewear fits properly, or it will feel really uncomfortable, which no brides want on their wedding day.
  • Color — It may seem obvious, but choosing shapewear in white, cream or flesh tones is best if you are wearing white or cream on your wedding day. Black may feel sexier but save that for the honeymoon.
  • Quality over quantity — On your big day, it is probably wiser to splurge a little on your shapewear, so that you will get the most benefit from the shapewear and feel more comfortable all day long.

Planning ahead is essential to take the stress and strain out of choosing your wedding gown. This special time should be fun and full of happy memories, so make sure you know your body type before searching for your dream dress so you can enjoy your wedding day and look fabulous.