Who Says The Bride Has To Wear All White? Add a splash of color

Who says the bride has to wear all white? These days brides don’t need to wear all white so use color as just another way to customize the biggest day of their life. Adding color to the ensemble is an interesting way to reflect your personality. Color can be used to make a bold statement or a subtle expression of personal style. From gowns, accessories and undergarments, brides can choose from a variety of ways to color in the lines of their wedding day. The hardest part is choosing the perfect shade or accent color to achieve that special look!

The Dress

Daring souls who aren’t afraid to take a small detour from tradition should have no problem adding a hint of color to their wedding gown. Adding a ribbon around the waist is an easy way to bring in color and make an otherwise plain gown more pleasing to the eye. A row of beads along the trim of the gown or colored embroidery can do the trick as well. Or incorporate a broach on the hip or silk flowers to spice things up. Alternatively, a long bold tail of fabric will create drama and a desired “wow” factor. Bridal boutiques even give brides the options to customize sleeves and shawls with colors lace and fabrics.


Add a splash of color to your wedding dress.


Thanks to Carrie Bradshaw’s large feather accessory in Sex and the City, colorful headpieces and feathers are appearing at ceremonies more and more frequently. Plan on wearing a tiara? Why not use pink, green or blue shimmering crystals? Swarovski crystals are available in a wide range of color to make for easy customization. For an elegant look, an updo adorned with different color pins makes for a simplistic fashion statement. Perhaps the easiest and least expensive way to add color is with a headband.

Something Blue Crystal Bunwrap


Walking down the aisle in show stopping, colorful shoes seem to be the most popular way brides choose to add color lately. Usually it’s their effort of bringing in the “something blue” tradition. Want to feel more connected to the wedding party? Matching shoes is a fun and unique way to bond with the bridesmaids or even the groom. His and her wing tip shoes will be a hit amongst your wedding guests. If you are looking for a completely unique look, try visiting stevemadden.com or Artyce Custom Footwear for a one-of-a-kind, colorful shoe to put a little pep in your step.


zebra stripe bridal shoes

Not Your Average All White Bridal Shoes!


The Royal Wedding has sparked a new trend when it comes to jewelry. Kate Middleton’s engagement ring has inspired brides-to-be around the world to integrate sapphires and shades of blue into their wedding ring. Don’t like sapphires? Ruby red, Violet amethysts, or even black pearls can do the job. Of course, the same stone additions can be done to necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.


sapphire necklace

Real Sapphire Necklace

Regardless of the statement made with your tinted hues or the elegant vibe achieved with a colored sash, remember that your wedding day is a reflection of you. So tickle yourself pink and express yourself in color. You’ve got a lot of choices!

What ideas do you have about adding color to an all white wedding?

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  1. James Sims-Wright

    Another great place to add some color is in your bridal bouquet. It provides great contrast with your white or ivory dress, and will make your bouquet really pop. Also consider having your bridesmaids carry all white, or more muted bouquets that will complement or contrast with their dresses. That way, you will really stand out from your bridesmaids! (And you won’t have to worry about exactly matching flower colors with their dresses)

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