rainbow bunting cake topper

12 Fun Cake Toppers From Etsy Vendors

The cake is the focal point of the entire reception and although some say that toppers are a tradition of the past, there are so many ways to incorporate the novelty in chic, stylish, and personalized ways that make a memorable statement.

We scoured the shops and found some of the best! Below you’ll find 12 fun cake toppers from Etsy vendors that know how to create pieces of art that finish off your wedding day dessert with your vision in mind.

12 Fun Cake Toppers From Etsy Vendors

Winter: Gold Buck & Doe

buck and doe gold cake topper

Seller: Lily Oma Designs

Price: $34.99

This buck and doe selection, after being dipped in gold, is such a natural, but a glamorous way to top the cake. It evokes a sense of winter with its neutral tones and glittering, snowy nods. For those wanting to go a route less traveled, think about utilizing other parts of the season that are less considered.

Modern: Geometric Shaped Assortment

modern geometric wedding cake topper

Seller: The Roc Shop

Price: $16

For those creating a more modern escape, think about adding some geometric shapes to the cake. Both in print and in topper. This piece will give you an assortment of contemporary artistic points to utilize and finish off the sharp-lined structure.

Traditional: Personalized Monogram

wedding cake topper personalized monogram

Seller: Best Deco Wedding

Price: $15.08

Other times tradition may be exactly what you need. And a crisp, new initial topper could be the perfect addition to finish off your wedding cake. We love how this look isn’t dated but fits right into a quintessential wedding style theme.

Spring: Floral Wrap

floral wrap cake topper

Seller: Confection Deception

Price: $29

Springtime is all about the flowers so, it’s only natural that your May or June affair be topped off with some lush petals. This floral cake wrap features faux flowers in varying shades and with bouts of greenery that sets off clean, crisp cakes rather beautifully.

Romantic: It’s Written In The Stars

it's written in the stars romantic cake topper

Seller: Thistle and Lace Shop

Price: $20.99

If you’d like to sprinkle some extra bouts of romance around the wedding, think about doing that at the cake table as well. This “It’s Written In The Stars” topper evokes that whimsical spirit that everyone wants a little bit of on their big day.

Youthful: Pinky Promise

fun pinky promise wedding cake topper

Seller: Inked Icing

Price: $20.95

Here’s another quirky phrase that will top the cake or cakes off nicely. This “pinky promise” has a youthful appeal that’s wonderful for ethereal or whimsy visions. We especially love this option when there are multiple desserts to be decorating instead of one larger, 3-tier concoction.

Summer: Seashells

seashell wedding cake topper

Seller: PB Paperie

Price: $18.95

Summertime is a catalyst to destination weddings and seaside fun – so why not display that on the cake. If you have a nautical or ocean-inspired vision for the wedding day, this seashell creation is such a beautiful, organic way to express that.

Rustic: Monograms with Arrows

rustic monogram wedding topper

Seller: TP&C Design Studio

Price: $12.75

Now we have a simpler design to swoon for. We love the ease of this arrowed piece and how it blends so nicely into a rustic vision. The farmhouse style is really popular right now so this is a place that you can infuse that genre without too much fuss.

Carnival: Rainbow Buntingrainbow bunting cake topper

Seller: A Fete Beckons

Price: $12.71

If you’re looking for something more festive, this rainbow bunting is such a great choice. Whether you have a carnival theme or just want to infuse a lot of bright and vivacious colors into the planning, this bunting will be a highlight of the dessert table.

Movie Nods: Star Wars

may the force be with you Star Wars wedding cake topper

Seller: Crafty Teacher Design

Price: $9+

Let out your fan status or nerdy side with a nod to your favorite movie. This Star Wars phrase is created in a subtle, stylish way that looks pretty but evokes a personalized giggle for everyone to enjoy. It’s a great way to blend both humor and wedding-worthy sense.

Industrial: Wire Infinity Love

infinity love cake topper

Seller: Wire Accents

Price: $17.00

There’s some industrial appeal involved in this creation. Made with wire, the infinity sign fuses both romance and edgy-modern appeal within the topping. There are truly so many different ways to utilize this style for a lot of different wedding themes.

Autumn: White Pumpkins

white pumpkin cake topper

Seller: Skye Art

Price: $27.50

And finally, there’s no better way to celebrate the fall season than with some pumpkins. Particularly, we like these mini designs and how they top off big or small cakes with ease and charm.