Chic, Modern Wedding Cakes Perfect for a Sophisticated Wedding

Clean edges, geometric prints and an air of sophistication all surround these modern beauties. Let see if any of these designs can round out your contemporary celebration.

best-wedding-cakes-2014-AK-Cake-DesignA chevron print filled with bright and trendy colors make this a knockout with its fashion-forward energy.

best-wedding-cakes-2014-eileen-mccarterSprinkles never looked so chic than on this clean and simple wedding cake.

Ivory-and-Rose-02Gilded leaflets were added to this chic cake and it created something so much more magical than a bride could dream.

Metallic-Wedding-Cakes-Melanie-DuerkoppMore golden modern designs are found throughout this interesting piece of art.

Metallic-Wedding-Cakes-Khaki-Bedford-PhotographyAlthough there’s a lot going on with this design, it’s still very chic and fashionable.

Metallic-Wedding-Cakes-Diana-McGregor-Sweet-n-Saucy-Shop-cakeIt’s like a contemporary piece of art hanging in your dining room was wrapped around your wedding cake. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Metallic-Wedding-Cakes-Esther-Sun-PhotographyEncrusting your wedding cake in gold truly seems like a great idea after seeing this beauty.

Metallic-Wedding-Cakes-Jill-Thomas-PhotographySimple stripes and your wedding date accented in Roman numerals, sophisticated and sweetly intimate.

Metallic-Wedding-Cakes-Karen-Buckle-Naturally-Beautiful-Wedding-PhotographyOf course, you can nix the numerals and go with just stripes for a smaller, more youthful design.

Spring-Wedding-Cakes-Lauren-Peele-PhotographyA trendy, geometric print and a small bout of florals make this cake the most in-style of the bunch.


photos via Brides