Christmas Wedding Cakes

The holiday season is beautiful, enchanting and full of joy. It’s the time of year when everyone is more kind and giving so it is also perfect to celebrate your love by having your wedding in this period. Christmas Wedding cakes are very festive and delicious. The spirit of Christmas should be evoked in your cake. The classical symbols of Christmas like Santa Claus, snowmen and reindeer should be somehow incorporated in the design of the cake.

Christmas is a very colorful time of year so your cake should be very colorful as well. To get some inspiration for the cake just imagine the holiday season with it’s deep green trees, gold and silver ribbons, twinkling colored lights and rich cocoa chocolate.

The best colors to choose for Christmas wedding cakes are the following: burgundy, deep red, plum, royal blue, gold, silver, ivory, dark green and emerald. Some ribbons around the cake might be the perfect touch to give it that special festive air. You can either have a colored cake or have it white with some Christmas colored accents.

The themes for Christmas wedding cakes are various so you have many options to choose from. One suggestion could be to make your cake resemble something traditional to the holidays, like a Christmas tree. Or you could simply incorporate something green with brilliant red flowers. Cakes that resemble a stack of presents or in the shape of a star or a snowman will also look very delightful. Decorating the cake with some miniature Christmas cookies is a delicious and interesting idea.

Snowflakes always make us think of Christmas, so why not make some snowflake design on your cake? Just use your imagination and be creative. The mistletoe is also something that we associate with Christmas so try to incorporate it as well in the cake design. No cake would be complete without a cake topper, and for Christmas you can chose something like: a small gingerbread house, Santa and Mrs Claus, polar bears, a mini Christmas tree or something more natural like pine cones or berries. As  ornament use something fun like ice skates, a snowman or children playing in the snow.

These cakes are all lovely but if you really want to make an impression and leave your guests with an unforgettable sight than make a candy cane themed cake with a big bouquet of candy canes on top. It will surely look stunning.