wedding cake

Pick the design of your wedding cake yourself

When it comes to the wedding cake, most of the people choose a certain pattern from a catalogue and then hire a baker to make it for them. But, there are other creative persons who think about the ideal wedding cake design and then go to the baker. We definitely encourage you to put some of your personality on your wedding cake and to think about this factor before hiring the right person for the job.

As for the ideal design, only you can tell which is: the best. If you desire you may have a traditional layered wedding cake, because these model are beautiful too. It is not necessary to come with something completely new and ingenious; if something “vintage” will suit you then just stick to this idea.

On the other hand, if you have an idea which you believe to be too daring for a wedding cake, you should talk to the baker first, before giving up this thought.

This person will tell you if it is possible or not to create something like this. Who knows? If you will find the right person maybe his / her skills will complete so nice with your ideas and the result will be the creation of your dream wedding cake.

Some wedding cake designs that we find really adorable imply the use of edible flowers, butterflies or little hearts. Something like this will totally reveal your romantic and vivid part and therefore you should definitely play with different colours and shapes. Also, it is important to reveal only the important parts and to know when to stop.

Some ribbons on your wedding cakes, or maybe a wedding cake taking the shape of some glamorous gift boxes will totally add some femininity and delicacy on this special culinary item. Just, play with the shapes form your mind, arrange them beautifully and the right design for your wedding cake will be realized.

In the end, it is important to put your imagination and creativity at work, because only in this way your wedding cake will have obtained a unique and special touch. So, talk to your groom and try to insert some elements specific to your couple; elements that would fill your wedding cake with delicacy, romance and love.