With the big day approaching, there’s so much to organize. From the flowers and the venue to your custom-made wedding cake and that’s not to mention all the wedding rituals, you can follow. From who walks you down the aisle to the cutting of the cake; these traditions have been passed down through generations. Most of the cake ceremonies formed during the 19th century but have evolved over time to fit in with modern culture. Here are some of the top five wedding cake traditions you can include in your special day.

Saving the Top Tier

One of the most popular traditions is to save and freeze the top layer of a wedding cake. The cake is usually saved to be enjoyed on the one year anniversary of the couple. But, traditionally,  this was not the case. Instead, the day of defrosting would commence just before their first born child’s christening where the cake would be a part of the family celebrations. Couples were having children a lot quicker after marriage during the 20th century so the cake wouldn’t be in the freezer for too long.

The Cake Cutting Ceremony

The cutting of the cake has been celebrated for quite some time and typically is a highlight in the wedding schedule. With families gathered around and photos being taken, cutting a cake has never been so important. But traditionally, it only used to be the bride who made the first cut to symbolize her losing her virginity on her wedding night. These days, both partners are involved in the cutting of the cake which is shared among guests to symbolize the sharing of their union and promise to each other.

The Feeding

More of a modern tradition, it’s common for the couple to feed each other the first piece of cake. Some, more wild couples even smash cake into their partners face! Smooshing cake into each other’s mouths is believed to showcase commitment to one and other. This playful gesture is certainly one for the crowds but make sure your partner knows what you’re going to do as they may not appreciate cake to the face.  

The Tiers

Wedding cakes used to be just one tier but over the years they’ve grown into three-tier masterpieces. With the top tier saved for celebrations in the future, the other two tiers have different responsibilities. The second tier is offered out to people after the wedding event. The bottom level is created to feed the wedding guests and is often the only part of the cake that’s cut during a wedding. With modern cakes taking different shapes and forms, these days it doesn’t matter as much which tier is distributed and which is saved.    

The Groom’s Cake

A popular tradition in old America, a groom would have his own cake to distribute out to his guest. This was typical in the 17th-century and the cake would be smaller than the wedding cake and have a stronger flavor. Most would have been darker in color, potentially flavored with chocolate or be a spicy fruitcake. This tradition has become popular in the US with the partner surprising the groom with a cake that represents them. Some novelty groom’s cakes represent hobbies, pets or act as a homage to their favorite sports team. This cake is typically brought out at the end of the wedding for the immediate wedding party to enjoy.

With so many traditions to remember, you can choose which ones you want to take forward to create the perfect wedding that’s special to you.