The appropriate wedding cake topper for your movie wedding theme

Do you love films? We certainly do. And related to this topic we thought that you should better choose some items connected to your passion for the film industry. Therefore, you could choose to end your wedding cake with some fabulous toppers portraying the bride and a handsome hero of these science fiction movies.

Everybody loves Superman and I think every little girl has fantasized about marrying a man with these super powers. Well, if super heroes do not exist in real life, they could come true on your wedding cake. As a result, we totally encourage you to pick a funny cake topper displaying a happy bride and a Clark Kent groom, revealing his Superman costume.

Everyone loves Star Wars, and as a result you could choose to accessorize you cake with a Han Solo and Princess Leia cake topper.

It will add an adventurous note to your cake, yet it will also be romantic due to the lovely position of the two lovebirds: Han Solo is holding Leia in his arms.

However, if you prefer something sexier, you could go for the characters of Mr. and Mrs Smith, now available in Afro-American version, too. It goes without saying that this cake topper would be highly appropriated if your name is also Smith, if not, you could simply change it with your real name.

For those who want to get even funnier we propose a fantastic and wonderful idea. Our idea for them would be to pick a figurine portraying King Kong with a beautiful little bride in his hand. This could be a funny allusion to your sizes, i.e. if the groom is much taller than his petite bride, such a cake topper will be both appropriate and very funny.

And last but not least, you should know that these cake toppers are a little pricy, being available at prices ranging between $99 and $189. Still, if you want to have this magnificent theme at your wedding reception, we believe that the price is totally acceptable.

So, go ahead and choose your favourite characters from the movies you love, in order to nicely personalize you wedding reception.