Wedding Ceremony Tradition – Mandatory or Optional

When it comes to the wedding ceremony tradition the majority of the brides ask the elderly in the family. But what happens if you are told you ought to perform a specific ritual that you are not very fond of and which will not make you feel any better in relation to your most important event? Well, let us debate.
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Most likely the most common tradition is to wear a white wedding dress. If you are a joyful person who simply loves colors and who would not settle for plain white, then things are clear. The wedding dress is a very personal item that should reflect your personality and you should not, under any circumstances, make a compromise when it comes to it. Ivory, champagne and blush are really trendy nowadays so, it appears the white dress myth is busted. And so is the one regarding the rest of the bridal attire. You do not have to go for white shoes or white flowers if you find other colors more appealing or more suiting for the wedding theme or the season.

Another element strongly related to the wedding tradition is the bridal veil. Should you care for its meaning and symbolism, then you ought to have it, but if you think it is too old-fashioned it will not be considered inappropriate to lose it. After all, you are a bride of the 21st century and your bridal appearance has to express evolution and progress. Therefore, we will label the veil as optional.

Wedding Ceremony Tradition - Mandatory or OptionalCredit
Wedding Ceremony Tradition - Mandatory or Optional

On the other hand, the wedding vows are a tradition that cannot be skipped. Even if you are not good with words and you have a hard time speaking in public you should manage to put a few nice words together and declare your love during the ceremony. Whether you decide to write them yourself or to utter the traditional vows matters less, but your wedding ceremony will be a complete failure without them. So, wedding vows are a definite must.

Seizing the wedding ceremony tradition with a kiss is also mandatory. Well, we have no doubt any couple would want to skip the kiss part, but it is also important to do it in a romantic way. You ought to maintain eye contact the entire moment and also hold hands. The way you end the wedding ceremony will be remembered by all your guests, so try to make it special.