Know how to create your hippie wedding vows

If you will have a hippie wedding ceremony, then you will most likely have some unique wedding vows. Anyway, these beautiful vows should not be very different form the regular ones, only that they should have a hippie nature in them. Therefore, get inspired form the hippie culture when writing your wedding vows.
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Completing this task is very difficult, but now that you have this criterion in mind, it will be much easier to get through with this. After all, you should keep in mind that hippie culture stands for: nature, love and peace and therefore you can talk about the love and peace that your partner has brought into your life these years.

As for the nature part, we strongly believe that your hippie wedding vows should be held outside in the middle of the nature. Thus, you could either have them in a big and green park, or on a sandy and blue beach. In order to figure out which location would be best, you will have to search within yourself, and thus you will find the answer. But, we definitely love the park idea, because there nature is more vivid, through those tall trees and those colourful flowers. However, it is all up to you and your lifestyle.

Know how to create your hippie wedding vowsCredit
Know how to create your hippie wedding vows

Therefore, in order to capture the essence of a hippie vow at your wedding, you shall talk about, peace, happiness, love in a natural environment. As far as your wedding photos are concerned we totally believe that this milieu will contribute at creating a one of a kind décor. Therefore, let the Mother Nature take part in the planning of your wedding ceremony and let her embellish your wedding background.

All in all, this is what hippie wedding vows are all about. But, if you still can not write down some beautiful words, it means that you should do more research work. Therefore, you will have to watch some old movies (still not very old: for instance ‘70s and ‘80s movies) and thus you will surely find some inspirations. Listen to the lyrics of the hippie songs and thus, you will totally solve your problem.

In the end, you shall definitely add such a fantastic touch to your wedding vows, in order to be suitable for your hippie wedding ceremony!