engagement announcement on christmas

Christmas Engagement Announcements

Can We Send a Christmas Card Telling Everybody We’re Engaged?

My fiance and I are only recently engaged and are anxious to share the news with our friends and family. We were thinking since it is the holiday season, we could send a Christmas/holidaycard as our engagement announcement, but I am not sure how to do that.

We want to one of the personalized photo cards that included our engagement photo. I want the announcement to be proper, but do not want the wording to seem pompous or self-centered, especially during the holidays. Any suggestions?

Wedding Etiquette Expert

I would caution you not to use these as holiday greetings. It isn’t polite to combine holiday greeting cards with any other type of cards. But, if it is in a holiday style, that is fine. Sending engagement announcements isn’t really done much anymore. People find these a bit confusing. (Do I send a gift? Why am I receiving this?)

If you send these, there isn’t a formal rule about the wording. I would look at some preworded cards and use the same format. But, if it were me, I wouldn’t send them. If you do send them, all those who receive them would also receive wedding invitations. So be very careful in your planning.

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Wedding Queen

You can always send emails or Facebook posts with photos to those close to you so they’ll know you’re engaged. But be careful about posting on Facebook since you certainly cannot invite every Facebook friend to the wedding.

Bride Next Door

We did this last year. We knew that everyone has heard through the grape vine already but we wanted to show that we were engaged. We added a picture of all newly engaged, with ring visible into the card. We didn’t write anything different. We figured that was enough. I do think it would be cute to write something like love future Mr. and Mrs. _____