4 Common Wedding Questions


The one you have had your eye on said yes after all! The excitement settles in, and then worry creeps in. Questions begin to bounce through your mind. Relax. We are here to help.
It is not probable to narrow down all the questions that come with an upcoming wedding to 4. However, some are more common than others, and our only aim is to be helpful. So, let’s get started!

We want to have our wedding photographed, yet we also want videos taken as well. Where should we begin our search?

Most people have photographs taken of their wedding. How many couples, on the other hand, do you know who have videos? We took a look at an Atlanta Wedding Videographer whose work has exceeded the expectations of customers for a baseline.

Have you attended a wedding where the photographers seemed to be in the way? Look for a videographer who is painstaking about staying as far out of the limelight as possible. Ask them if they have a time limit, as some may limit the experience to 2 hours, while others are there to capture the whole experience.

In preparing our budget, it appears that feeding our guests and keeping them from getting thirsty will be our biggest expense. Any tips on picking a catering service?

Well, if your wedding venue does not provide onsite catering, then you do have some hoops to go through. Allyson Dickman has some wonderful suggestions on picking a catering service for your wedding, and she starts with the most important tip of all – begin with a budget.

Another often overlooked tip is to ask the venue if they have worked with any caterers previously. By using a service that has experience with the venue, you can rest assured that there should not be any last minute “situations” arising out of the unknown.

We will have guests from out-of-state and are not sure what to do about their accommodations, any suggestions?

Most major hotels offer “hotel blocks”, which is where you can reserve several rooms together. Some areas for consideration before making the reservation include proximity to the airport and pricing.

The rule of thumb is start out by booking a small number of rooms. This can help prevent penalties if some of the rooms are not used. Additionally, ask about special amenities that the hotel may offer, such as a welcoming bag for your guests.

We both need a vacation! So, we are taking a honeymoon. When should we start planning for it?

According to Black Tomato’s co-founder Tom Marchant, the earlier you can start planning, the better. The reasons are simple.

First off, when the stress of wedding planning hits you, it will be nice to take a deep breath and relax daydreaming about your honeymoon destination, the one you have already planned!

Secondly, try to think “outside the box”. If you both have differing likes, appease both! Since planning early is so beneficial, it grants time for spontaneity later.