Q: “What should I do with my tattoos and piercings?”

Since you were a teenager you decided to be rebellious and get extra piercings and tattoos and now, as the years have passed, you found love and you have decided that it is about time for you to get married and to settle down. The problem is what you will do with the remnants of your teenage rebellion on your wedding day.

If you have a small tattoo then you shouldn’t worry too much. In this case you have two options: your either hide it in case you want your body to be clean or you may choose to expose it. The same goes for your pierces too. If you have something fine and delicate, then you should just exhibit them at your wedding.  If you have larger tattoos, then make sure that these match the overall decorum of your wedding attire.  There is nothing wrong with displaying tattoos or piercings but you do not want these to become the focal point for people when they look at you.  Try and disguise or blend them in at all cost.

Either you will hide or expose your tattoos and pierces your bridal look will be exceptional, because it will be just like you have envisioned it. So be happy with yourself because this is the most important fact that will help you expose a happy bride.