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Sister of Bride – What to Wear?

Reader Question: My younger sister is getting married next August. My other two sisters are both in the bridal party. I may or may not be doing a reading (my sister is being very noncommittal). I want to wear something similar to my other sisters, but am afraid of offending the bride by trying to appear to be a bridesmaid. Most of the dresses I’ve found have been mix and match separates intended for bridesmaids. Is this appropriate or should I be dressing down more?

As a side note – at my last sister’s wedding (same scenario where I was the only sibling not in the bridal party) I wore a black and white suit to coordinate with the black strapless bridesmaids dresses and looked absolutely ridiculous in the pictures.

Response: What’s a girl to wear?! Since you are not in the bridal party your outfit shouldn’t come across that you a bridesmaid groupie. Your dress should compliment the bridal party, this way you will look beautiful in the pictures. The style dress that you pick should be the style that you feel most beautiful in and flatters your figure.

You are the lucky sister…you get to pick what looks good on you and don’t have to worry about anyone else. The part of the dress that should compliment the bridesmaids is the color. You shouldn’t wear the same color, but you could wear a different shade of that color. I don’t know what color their dresses are so I can’t give you suggestions on what colors will look good. But if you go to a wedding website they usually have color charts to help see what colors look good with eachother.