6 Party Favours Your Wedding Guests Will Love and Treasure For Years to Come


There are so many details to think about when planning a wedding. From the dress, to the venue, to the photographer, to the cake – the details you need to organise can seem endless! However, it’s important to remember that this is your special day, and for that reason, it’s vital that you have mementos that you and your guests can take home with you. We’ve compiled our favourite 6 wedding party favours that your guests will love and treasure for years to come.

1. Personalised chocolates

Although they (probably) won’t last forever, personalised chocolates are an easy and affordable way to give your guests a delectable memento of your wedding. These can be as quaint as a small after dinner mint placed at each table setting, with you and your loved one’s initials inscribed on the packaging. If you want to take things to another level, why not choose you and your partner’s favourite chocolate bars or chocolate flavours, and give these to guests at the end of the reception.

2. Photobooth strip

A popular wedding favour that will stand the test of time is a photo booth strip. Photo booths at weddings are a fantastic idea because they serve many purposes. Not only do they provide your guests with a tangible memory of the evening, but they also give guests a means to let their hair down and have a bit of fun with each other. Snappy Photobooths, a photo booth hire company located in Sydney, offer a wide range of photo booths, props and personalised photo strips that can transform your special day.

3. Vintage magnets

A practical, useful wedding favour to give to your guests is a personalised vintage magnet. You could have a photo on the magnet, or simply the name of you and your partner and the date, and this will provide your guests with happy memories in the form of a useful object. Place a magnet in a ‘party bag’ full of other mementos of the wedding, and leave your guests with a bag full of happy memories as they walk out the door.

4. Custom rock candy

It’s simply amazing the things that we can customise these days. In recent years, a popular wedding favour that has emerged is custom rock or boiled candy. These tiny, hard candies can be customised to suit the theme colours of your wedding, as well as to include you and your spouse’s initials. Seal the deal by packaging these in clear cellophane, tied up with a ribbon from the same colour palette.

5. Cute couple key rings

How often have you looked around the house for a spare key ring, just to find that you have none around? Help your guests out next time they get keys cut by providing them with a cute couple key ring in memory of your wedding. Whether you choose to have group photos, photos of the ceremony, or your names on the key ring, the options are endless.

6. Customised bottles of wine

A wedding favour that can last almost forever, customised bottles of wine have become a popular option for couples with a bigger budget. These days, there are wine producers that enable you to personalise wine labels, so you can send your nearest and dearest home with a fine bottle of shiraz on your wedding day. Letting the wine age and ripen with time, your guests can pop the bottle on a special occasion in the future, remembering the fun and love they shared with you on your special day.

You deserve the wedding that you have always dreamed of. Whether it’s a personalised bottle of wine, a photo or a custom key ring, make your wedding stand out from all the rest by giving your guests a party favour from your special day, that they can treasure for years to come.