edible wedding favors
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Edible Couture; The New Must-Have Wedding Favors

edible favors
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The newest trend in wedding favors is something fresh: literally.    The trend is the edible couture of customized cupcakes, chocolates, macaroons, and iced cookies.

wedding favor trends
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Cupcakes are the latest token of your appreciation to bring home from a reception or shower.  They can be beautiful, playful, or funny, be adorned with themed decorations, or be plain.  There is no shortage of laser-cut wrappers to step up the personalization, and all kinds of pretty boxes, whether laser cut paper  & colored plastics, or simply clear plastic.  You can leave the box plain, or add a ribbon and a card with your names and a message.  They’re also a status symbol, as the actual cost for the wrapper and box alone will be at least $2 per cupcake.  But, they are a highly personalized way to add some immediate gratification and some elegance (or fun) to your sendoff.

wedding favor ideas
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Foodies will be pleased to learn that French macarons are also a huge favor trend.  “Macaron” is not a typo…these aren’t the deliciously chewy and sweet coconut macaroons on which you’ve nibbled.  They’re lighter-than-air (and naturally gluten-free) cookies made from almond flour and egg white that are pure heaven when crafted to perfection.  Two of them are joined in a sandwich cookie by a buttercream, fruit gelee or chocolate ganache filling.  As perfecting the French mac is one of the pinnacles of accomplishment in the pastry arts, expect to pay a premium for the expertise of someone who is a mac master.   The flavors can also tend toward the exotic, such as passion fruit, pear, pumpkin pie, lavender, rose and violet, just to name mention a small sampling.

food wedding favors
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An indulgence that might be found across all price ranges is custom chocolate favors.  My favorite custom chocolatier has beautiful fresh, custom made chocolates starting at just $2 per person.  A chocolatier can make fresh custom bars for you, and also custom-print the wrapper to coordinate with any colors or message you desire.  One of my favorite candy bar renditions is the Mounds or Reese’s, made fresh, with spectacular Belgian chocolate.  There’s nothing quite like having top-quality dark Belgian chocolate enveloping fresh coconut!  And imagine real, fresh peanut butter filling in a Callebaut milk chocolate cup!  Pure heaven!

inexpensive wedding favors
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Bride and groom truffles on a stick are elegant and also adorable, and are becoming quite popular.  Alternatively, you can have a few chocolates packaged by your chocolatier in small boxes, glass jars, and more.  Probably most off-the-beaten-path favor choice is the chocolate menu, suggesting to your guests before anything is ever served that they’re in for a complete gastronomic treat at your celebration!

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Of course, there are also the traditional decorated shortbread cookies, which can be iced in a royal or glacee icing, the variety of which is limited only by the imagination.  Corsets, “be-my-bridesmaid”, hearts, engagement rings, wedding bells, wedding gowns, teapots, tea cups, animals, any imaginable sports theme item, and anything else you can possibly dream up are all available in a variety of sizes as cookie cutters.  All attractive, the presentation possibilities include organza bags, plastic bags, and smart, elegant boxes.

edible wedding favors ideas
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So, if you were looking for a favor to impress your wedding guests, and were wondering what’s on the cutting edge, now you know about the latest in wedding favor trends!

edible wedding favors
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What are your ideas for new wedding favors and trends in wedding favors?