Beach Themed Wedding Favors – Seaside or Lakeside

Beach Themed Wedding Favors


Couples seem to be flocking to the water to get married these days, and why not? Nature’s done the decorating for you, now all you have to do is add the finishing touches. There’s your beach themed cake, your pretty seashell embellished guest book and yes, beach themed wedding favors. But what to give? Here are some great ideas for beach wedding favors your guests will love taking home.

Please Be Seated

Why not get a little something extra out of your beach wedding favors?  Themed photo frames or memo clips make great beach themed wedding favors to take home, but they also serve as place cards and table decorations at your reception making these the most practical beach wedding favors.

Carey from Edina, MN had a casual lakeside wedding. “We wanted beach theme wedding favors that went with our fun, bright table linens. We found flip flop photo holders and the message below the guest’s name on the card said ‘Kevin flipped for Carey’. There were very few left on the tables at the end of the night so they obviously loved them.”

Pretty Presentation

You can also incorporate your beach wedding favors into your centerpieces. First, wrap each favor individually like a gift. You could place it in a box and use beach themed gift wrap like natural paper, raffia ties or seashell charms. For a more casual look, place little treats in tulle or cellophane and then tuck them in tiny tin beach pails.

Now fill a wide, shallow glass dish with clean sand and a sprinkling of real shells – all can be found at the craft store.  Set the dish in the center of the table and artfully arrange your beach wedding favors in the sand. Make sure to attach a tag to each piece so the guests know the gifts are theirs to take home.

Beach Theme Wedding Favor


Up the Elegance

Many weddings by the water are as lavish as any big city ballroom wedding. In this situation, choose beach themed wedding favors with sophisticated touches like glass bottles, crystal or silver.

“When I went looking for my beach themed wedding favors I wanted something with a scallop shell design, I think the shape is so elegant.”, says Abby from Gulf Shores, AL. I ended up with silver bottle stoppers which were gift wrapped and incorporated into each table setting. Everyone seemed to love our beach themed wedding favors because they were also something practical to take home.

beach themed wedding favors


Creative Ideas for Beach Wedding Favors – Keep on Givin’

Some couples have a beach wedding simply because it’s a beautiful setting; others have a deep connection or commitment to the seaside. If you and your fiancé are the latter, this is great opportunity to present your guests with beach wedding favors that give a little something back to the place you love.

Sarah from Reno, Nevada was married next to Lake Tahoe earlier this year. “Mike and I both grew up here. When we were searching for beach themed wedding favors we wanted something with real meaning. So, for every guest we made a donation to an organization called Keep Tahoe Blue.”

If you decide on a donation in lieu of wedding favors (as your beach wedding favors), don’t forget about the presentation. Have cards printed on beautiful paper announcing your gift, or buy inexpensive little treats and attach a tag. The charity may also have pre-printed tags or cards that you can use for the favors.

Beach Themed Wedding Favors


Fortunately for you there are plenty of options for wedding favors whether your theme is barefoot on the beach or sophistication by the sea. The important thing is to make sure your beach themed favors say a little something about your and your unique celebration, and that they’re presented beautifully so your guests know the gift is a heartfelt “thank you”.

On a Budget? Need Practical, Cheap Beach Wedding Favors?

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  1. Sabrina - boston wedding photography

    Beach weddings are almost always fun, relaxed and unique. I love taking photos during such happy occasions! Nothing beats capturing smiles, hugs, kisses and laughter going round for everybody.

    You have pretty nifty ideas here for wedding favors and souvenirs. These make me want to get married all over again so I could enjoy my own beach wedding! 😉

  2. What I like most in Beach weddings is there are a lot of things you can make. Everything that can be seen can be souvenir or a decoration. What we did with my sister’s wedding is we customized slippers for the guest that served as a souvenir. The other pair of the slipper is the invitation itself. It was really fun because when the guest arrived the first thing they have to do is to look for the other pair of the slipper so they can wear it the entire day. That was a lot of fun.

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