Heavenly Hershey Rose Favor

Give a handmade Hershey rose to your guests, and they might just follow you home. It’s a simple way to make each guest feel very special — and this way, you’ll make sure they don’t starve to death before the first course arrives.

Hershey Chocolate Rose Favors

These favors made from Hershey’s Kisses are perfect for weddings any time of the year. Although they’re specially suited for Valentine’s Day, they’re bound to be appreciated any other day or holiday as well! You can either give a single Hershey Kiss rose favor, or if you’re really feeling bountiful, wrap them together in twos or threes with some attractive colored cellophane.
Supplies you’ll need for each favor:

  • 2 Hershey’s Kisses — the silver kind is fine, but red won’t hurt either
  • Pink or red cellophane wrapping paper
  • Floral stems (with a leaf or two)
  • Floral tape


  • Place the two Hershey’s Kisses together, end to end. Hold them in place. To equip them for slightly rougher handling, you may want to actually fasten them together with a dab of confectioners’ glue.
  • Tightly wrap your Kisses with rose-colored cellophane from top to bottom, doing your best to create a rose-like shape. Give this a couple experimental tries before you get serious.
  • Gather the cellophane together at the bottom of the rosebud. But before you twist the cellophane completely closed, insert a pre-cut floral stem. For the prettiest presentation, make sure the leaf is close to the bud.
  • Wrap the bottom cellophane closed with floral tape, winding around the stem, and pulling the cellophane tight all the way down until you reach the end.


A sweet and convenient way to present your works of art is to place them upright in an attractive vase, tricked out with a little bit of baby’s breath. Don’t forget the favor tag, or the cute little saying to go along with your mini masterpieces.