How to Find Wedding Favours to Suit Any Guest

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Buying someone a present can be tiresome, but when you need to buy presents for potentially hundreds of people, this task can seem overwhelming. Unfortunately, when it comes to wedding favours, this is exactly what you are doing. In case planning a wedding wasn’t tricky enough, your wedding favors need to hit exactly the right note or you might worry that your guests will go away feeling a little underwhelmed.

Customising Gifts for a Small Party

So, how do you go about finding just the right wedding favours? Firstly, it’s important to remember that wedding favours don’t all have to be the same. Of course, finding individual favours is much easier when you’re planning a small wedding, so if you intend to invite more than 30 people this probably isn’t the right option for you. However, if you are only planning on inviting a few select people, matching the gift to the guest will be made substantially easier.

To keep your preparations in check, and to make sure any one guest won’t feel less favoured than another, make sure you allocate a sensible budget to each purchase. No more than £10 a head would probably be considered reasonable.


Planning for a Larger Wedding

If you’re planning a larger wedding you’ll probably be hoping that you can select one type of gift that will be appropriate for every person who receives it. By doing so, you can buy in bulk and make valuable savings with regards to your wedding budget. In this case, you could choose one of two options.

Mix and Match

Firstly, consider selecting a gift type that you can purchase using a ‘mix and match’ process. This means you’ll be able to purchase 100 individual gifts that are all different varieties of the same type. For example, Just Miniatures sells a superb range of different types of popular spirits which come in cute little miniatures that are perfect for the table. If you select, say, 8 different types, you could place one of each on a table as favours and give your guests the option of swapping if they don’t like their gift

Sentimental Gifts

Secondly, you might consider selecting a gift that will hold sentimental value for each person who attends your wedding. These could potentially take any form, such as a keychain containing your engagement photo, a silver spoon engraved with the date of your big day, or even something as simple as a spray of dried flowers of the same sort carried by the bride. Whatever you choose, each one of your guests will love it – not because it’s been chosen for them, but because it’s been chosen by you.