Handmade wedding favors

In the last period, the groom and bride apply for special pieces of décor that can help them have a special and original wedding ceremony. The offer on the market is really varied and it’s filled with models and ideas for decorations. Maybe due to this reason, when you choose a theme for your wedding it’s hard to find the appropriate wedding favors in perfect coordination with the theme of wedding that you’ve applied for.

Another alternative is for the wedding favors which are conceived manually and they’re made handmade in your own hands some days before the event. The time that you have to offer to this aspect depends, obviously, on the number of the guests present to the wedding, the complexity of the wedding favor, its type.
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For example, you can’t do  favors based on natural flowers in a week before; because you risk offering those present a faded arrangement.

If the  favors are complex and you can’t do them with your own hands you can ask some of your friends to do it. in this manner you have the occasion of staying at a little chit chat with them, like girls, before the big day. Before starting the stuff that you have to do, make sure that you have all the needed things, decorations and eventually in a big amount, in case some  favors don’t end up the way you wanted them.

Here are some favors that you can make handmade and that are placed in the theme chosen….

Colored pots- you can buy from the big stores some terracotta pots or ones made of clay, which you paint with acrylic colors. You need brushes, sponges cut in different shapes: butterflies, flowers, stars, geometrical elements.

Flower arrangements- you can position in small bowls, boxes or small buckets simple flower arrangements, in basic colors chosen for the wedding décor and that offer the theme that you wish for. So, you can choose flower arrangements made with spring flowers, roses, wild flowers, autumn flowers, orchids or exotic flowers.

Flower crowns- small flower crowns are easy to be made and they have a special charm. They can be placed very well in the sphere of open air weddings or traditional ones.

You can even apply for colored fans for the open air weddings during the summer and eventually on the seaside, the fans can turn out to be really useful. You can do it with your own hands, on paper shields, or that you’ve taken from the copy machine in different colors and models.

You can even apply for origami decorations- for such  favors you have to arm yourself with patience, much patience. The internet is a good source for inspiration and you can find easy tutorials that can show you step by step how you can realize an origami decoration.