Wedding favors guide

Not long ago the wedding favors were considered as being a caprice, an element that isn’t that necessary in a wedding and that only rich couples could afford. Throughout the time, many couples have placed their attention on these small tokens of appreciations that were offered to the guests on the day of the event.

The wedding favors shouldn’t be expensive, voluminous, hard to acquire or hard to be transported. You can realize them handmade and also you can order them from a special accessory firm or you can ask the wedding planner to take into account acquiring them.

In case you want to occupy yourself with this detail here is a small guide that is going to help you when it comes to acquiring the right favors accordingly to the budget or the theme of your wedding.
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Some time ago the wedding favors were placed in a small bag that contained five bonbons and these meant different stuff. Throughout the time you’ve observed that all these things changed and that you could find different details and elements when it comes to favors.

So, here are some questions to which you can respond and that are going to seem really useful in your search….

How many wedding favors should you buy? Here’s a question that you have to respond to when it comes to buying the favors and not only. In order not to encounter any surprises with totally recommend you to buy some extra  favors in order to be prepared if you have any guests that announce their presence at the wedding. There are various options that you can apply for when it comes to wedding favors- buying a wedding favor for a family or a couple or offering a wedding favor to each guest.

In this case you have to have a guest list that is very well planned. Make sure that you create this list and you don’t forget about anyone. You can even offer favors to the persons working at the restaurant, the DJ, the cameraman or the members of the orchestra. In case you want to make this gesture don’t forget to place their names on the list of wedding favors shopping.

More and more couples choose to offer  favors which are personalized for each guest. So, the ladies are going to receive an accessories and the men other ones. Also, in this category there are included smokers and non smokers and the list can continue. Lollipops, chocolate or candy are easy to be acquired and they’re going to be the source of partying for the little ones. Toys are also elements that need to be taken into account when it comes to wedding favors and you shouldn’t omit them.