Wedding favors suggestions

You know very well that the wedding favors that you receive at a wedding maintain their charm for little time after the event.

From respect for the two lovers, you keep them in your closet or in the desk because you know very well that it’s a pity to throw them away.

Sometimes the drawer gets full of such details and if you’re cleaning your entire house it’s easy to get rid of them. If you have three boxes of candy almost identical and some small bags with organza that look as if they’re similar, but there’s a small detail that makes them distinct.

And because you don’t want your story to have the same faith and you wish to remain as intense as the memory of your guests, you can draw your attention towards the personalized  favors that offer in a true manner your love story.
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In other words, you have to get out of the pattern of the classical wedding favors, if you want just some attention  from your guests and they should be able to tell your story even some time after the wedding….

If you don’t apply for something original then you’re going to be catalogued as having an ordinary wedding favor that is going to loose its charm sometime in the future. Certainly, wedding favors that have photos of the two of you are going to remain some time in the future, instead of the classical candy box.

Renounce to the consumable attentions. If you really want to offer your guests something sweet you can complete the wedding favor with small and delicious tokens.

Here are some suggestions of  favors that are going to keep your wedding eternal….

The most interesting detail related to your wedding is surely a miniature book with your pictures and your husband’s.

In order to keep the tone of fabulous, start this book with “Once upon a time….”. A funny transposing is the one in which you present in parallel your life, from the moment you got born and to the present, presenting in the beginning a photo collage from your childhood.

Then you can end your love story with some pictures that you’ve made together. And that the atmosphere should be ripped entirely from the pages of a fairytale book, don’t forget to mention that you’re going to live happily ever after.

It’s easier to offer this wedding favor in an electronic option, on a CD or in an e-mail, we recommend you to apply for the classical option on paper. Besides the fact that it’s handy and it can be leafed almost everywhere, the place of a story is on paper, in the option that we all know from our childhood. The click of a mouse is never going to offer this emotion, like when you turn the page to new horizons which are fantastic….