spring flowers for weddings

Simply Spring Wedding Flowers Guide

spring wedding flowers

I know you are excited about your upcoming wedding and probably a little nervous as well.  As brides, we want everything to be perfect.  After all, you are hosting the biggest party you’ll possibly ever throw so you want your guests to remember the day as much as you will remember the day.  You also want your guests to enjoy themselves whether that is through the food, the décor, the company, the music or all of the above.

Since I am a florist, my focus will be on the décor.  And, since it’s finally Spring, my focus will be on spring wedding flowers that are available in April and May.

spring flowers for weddings

Here is my Simply Spring Wedding Flowers Guide!

There are lots of flowers that are available all year long including roses, carnations, alstromeria, mums, lilies and snapdragons.  For spring wedding flowers, there are several varieties of flowers that are only available now, such as lilacs, snowball viburnums, daffodils, the novelty and French tulips, dogwood blossoms/branches, cherry blossoms, flowering branches such as forsythia, pear and apple.  Ranunculus and anemone are available now, but not the entire year.

If saving a little money on your wedding flowers is of interest to you, then you’ll want to choose flowers that are in season when you are getting married.  It is still a little early for peony, for example.  I can get them right now, but the cost is an unbelievable $20/stem.  When they are in season, the cost is more like $6/stem.  So wait until June if you want peony at a reasonable cost!

spring flowers for weddings

The best deal on Spring wedding flowers right now is on daffodils and tulips. In fact, just about every grocery store is selling bunches of tulips and daffodils for a song…I just paid $1.29/10 stem bunch of daffodils at Trader Joe’s.  I’m teaching a class tonight on how to make Daffodil topiaries, which you could make for about $5.00 each using a terra cotta pot and 10 stems of daffodils.  You’ll need liners for your terra cotta pots, floral foam, ribbon and moss and you will end up with the most adorable little topiary centerpieces.  You can use a complimentary colored ribbon or just use yellow if you want everything to match perfectly.

Iris Reception Topiary
DIY Iris Reception Topiary

In this photo I used a multi-colored plaid ribbon on the larger topiary and a lavender sheer ribbon on the small  topiary.  The large topiary is in a four inch terra cotta pot and the small topiary is in a two inch terra cotta pot.  The two inch size could be a favor you give to each of your guests as well.

Daffodil Topiary

 These are great for garden type themes or environments.  Keep the topiaries below 12 inches to make sure your guests can see over them and maybe add some small, two inch size terra cotta pots with tea lights inside around the daffodil topiary to extend the size of the centerpiece and add candle light to the table.  I made a video of how to do this last year for Easter and after nearly 100 videos, this is still one of my favorite.

Another great flower for this time of year is the anemone.  They come in white, fuchsia and purple primarily and make great carry bouquets, especially when they are all massed together.

spring bouquets for weddings

Many brides love tulips, but I always suggest using caution with tulips because they have a mind of their own.  Tulips will keep growing even after they have been cut from the bulb and they will stretch towards to light or sun.  This makes them very unpredictable, which is NOT a good thing.  To control tulips, I wire and tape them, which adds quite a bit of labor to what starts out as a very reasonably pricing flower.  If you want to incorporate tulips with other flowers, you won’t have to wire and tape them, just make sure the tulips are supported by other flowers.  In other words, make sure the tulips are in the middle of other flowers and cut them a little shorter than where you ultimately want them to be to allow for the growth spurt they will encounter.  I allow anywhere from ½ – 1 inch for growth.

spring wedding bouquet

I hope the sun is shining on your special day and your spring flowers give you the “look” and feel you crave for your wedding day happiness.

Have you done your own Spring wedding flowers? Are you a DIY bride and need advice? Comment to join the discussion. I’m here for ya!