Glass Blessing Bowl Makes a Memorable Wedding Gift

Recently, a new member came to, Christian Gifts Place,  and I had the pleasure of reviewing and approving their new listing with us. Since I always spend a little time reading about each company, and since my son’s wedding was coming up , I had a good amount of interest in the offerings of this company. I began to read, as I always do, their about page and read:  We encourage you to let your gift giving reflect your heart’s priorities and concerns.”,  and I knew I was in the right place to fond a really special gift for my son and new daughter-in-law.  These are the kinds of presents that don’t go out of style, get tossed into a drawer, used up or forgotten. Right up my alley since I have a dislike for monetary gifts and gift certificates. I suppose the money gift has it’s place, but I prefer a gift from the heart.

I chose the Glass Blessing Bowl. A hand formed crackle glass bowl which will hold handwritten blessing acknowledgments from family and friends. The elegant package came beautifully wrapped including the bowl, a linen keepsake gift box, 12 pieces of white paper, 12 lengths of silk ribbon, a  pen and instructions to to help create your gift, and set you on the path of spreading gratitude.

Glass Blessing Bowl - The Perfect Wedding Gift

We brought the gift to the Rehearsal Dinner since we knew all of those closest to the couple would be there and they’d have time to carefully write their blessings for the couple on their individual papers. Everyone loved writing (after they understood what it was they needed to do) and then they rolled up their “blessing”, tied it with the ribbon and placed it in the dish. I just recently heard the comments of the bride and groom’ While we haven’t looked at what was written yet, we love the idea.  We wanted to wait until after the wedding, when we could sit and relax and read each paper… but that just hasn’t happened quite yet.  Anything that extends the celebration beyond the day itself is great.  So much is going on during the wedding weekend, that anything additional might diluted.  Easy for people to participate without putting pressure on them (if they had to speak out loud or play a game).

The ordering process was pretty easy, but I did have a glitch paying via Paypal and it charged my card three times. However, David from Christian Gifts Place was very helpful and we quickly ironed out that problem. The pen that comes with the kit wasn’t writing well and we needed to get a pen from one of the restaurant staff. Other than those two small hitches, I am very happy with this gift and I think the bride and groom are, and will be, too. This is truly a timeless keepsake that has meaning and will be worth opening and reading on future anniversaries or special occasions.