Wedding Party Gifts That Your Bridal Party Won’t Throw In The Trash

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They’ve been by your side during through the good, the bad, the ugly, and now your wedding day. The least you could do is give them a token of your appreciation. But what could you give that is as special as your loved ones? A general rule of thumb when selecting wedding party gifts is anything-personalized goes. Just don’t include the wedding date and make sure you allow ample time for the gift to be customized. However, what happens when just any gift personalization won’t do and you want to be really different? Try getting really personal or be a do-it-yourself bride! After all, who said wedding party gifts have to be generic items with a complete lack of character?

Get (Really) Personal

Chances are if they are in your wedding party, you know them pretty well. How about taking a cue from his or her personality? Does your maid of honor eat, drink and sleep all things dance? Get her a subscription to Dance Spirit magazine or enroll her in an introductory dance class. Is one of your groomsmen an extreme sportsman? Fitness gear for his high-octane activities should do the trick. Treat the drama kings and queens to a night at the community theater or gift basket filled with classic movies. Give the financial gurus a company share equipped with an authentic stock certificate. You can also frame the picture and have the frame engraved with a special phrase that suits their personality. Drawing from hobbies, lifestyles and personal tastes are the perfect way to show you really care.

DIY or Custom Gifts They’ll Love

If you prefer to give members of the wedding party a do-it-yourself gift, make sure they will appreciate it as much as you do. However, if you don’t think a traditional do-it-yourself gift would work, make an appointment at a winery so you can mix and bottle your own special alcoholic beverage.

If they’re not all drinkers, bottle some soda and decorate your own labels using Photoshop. Give the sentimental types a completed scrapbook documenting your friendship or create it with them. Not sure everyone would enjoy a scrapbook? Why not make your own book with the help of Blurb? Blurb allows you to create a unique book equipped with your own content using their bookmaking tools.


Homeowners may also enjoy hand painted pottery designed at a local ceramic studio’s pottery class. Rather than purchasing the typical jewelry from a department store, visit local craft stores to get material and instructions for creating a unique jewelry collection. Most craft stores offer classes you can enroll in for help creating memorable items for a special group. Personalized pub signs are especially popular amongst the men. Why not purchase wood and paint from the craft store and design your own for truly personalized wall decorations? Homemade sugar scrubs and showers gels are items both men and women can enjoy.

Lover of Art?

For the newlywed couple lacking artistic ability, unique caricatures can fit the bill. Visit a caricature or artist website to purchase a unique caricature of the entire wedding party using a photo of the whole gang having a good time.

Check Out Etsy!

No better way to show your appreciation than spending the time to dig through the artisanal and original marketplace that is Etsy. Most of the images on this page are from Etsy sellers. The great part about Etsy is you can get really personal and specific and most Etsy sellers also have a great mix of customizations they can add to any piece to really make it something unique.


Have you ever given or received a truly one-of-a-kind gift? I’d love to hear about it and how it was received.


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