Finding The Right Color For Your Bridal Look

Getting ready for your big day involves so many decisions. The date, the location, and the invitations are just the beginning. As you get closer to the date, it’s time to start the fine tuning. You may have chosen your dress, perhaps even selected a veil, but if you’re planning any big changes to your appearance for the wedding, best to start thinking about it at least a few months ahead of time. This is particularly advisable when it comes to a new hair color, first of all to avoid any last minute panic, but also because you may end up falling in love with something totally unexpected throughout the course of experimenting.


Start collecting pictures of styles and colors that you are considering. If you’re thinking of wearing your hair down, a subtle change in color towards the tips can look really pretty – of course, this effect would be totally lost in an up-do. Whereas for brides opting for a classic chignon, finding the right product to add shine to your locks will have you channeling Audrey Hepburn elegance. If you’re leaning towards wild and loose, accenting the perfect shade of red with a floral crown will give you a really romantic, bohemian chic look.

Time For R & D

Before you commit to a new color, a great way to play around with different hues and combinations is to use a photo-editing app like Hair Color Booth. All you do is upload a photo and then you can “cyber dye” it without any risk. Once you think you know what direction you’re going to go in, test it out with a semi-permanent treatment that washes out after a few shampoos. The great advantage of these is that there’s no ammonia or bleaching involved, so you don’t need to worry about damaging your hair in the lead up to your wedding day.

Put The Pedal to the Metal

Make sure your budget includes a trial day with your stylist a few weeks before the wedding. A lot of salons offer a wedding package that includes this, thankfully. If you’re going to go for a permanent color, take the plunge on or before your trial day so that you can see your whole look. This also gives your stylist the chance to find a perfect match if you need any extensions or hair pieces. Be sure to bring any hair accessories and your veil (if wearing one) so that your stylist knows in advance everything that he or she will be working with on the day.

Knowing what to expect and doing the preparation will help you to arrive at the venue relaxed and feeling only the good butterflies. With the right planning, your hair will be as unforgettable as your celebration.