bridal hair with bangs

The ideal bridal bangs – Part II

I know that lately you have been giving serious thoughts whether you should or not go for some bridal bangs, as we like to call them. As you know, it is very important to know the shape and the feature of your face, in order to decide what to do next; i.e. to decide if a fringe would be best for you or not.

So, if you want to learn more about this topic, read the following lines, because you are about to find interesting and new things about yourself and about the ideal haircut or fringe.

Thus, dear brides in want of a different hairstyle, your problem is solved, because we have many ideas and pieces of advice that would help you make the right decision.

We would like to talk with you about the oval face, which has a big mouth and a long nose. If you have slightly exaggerated features, especially the mouth line that may be very wide and right, a fringe would be the biggest mistake you could ever make since it would be parallel to the mouth and would further accentuate its line. A lost fringe to one side is a very good option. However the lack of it and some slightly wavy strands would fit better your physiognomy, because it sweetens your features.

Brides that have a square face with a broad forehead and a strong jaw line should go for a haircut that would hide their wide forehead. The safest option is a fringe lost in one side, well spun, covering the forehead, which does not keep a straight line. Without the fringe, you should wear your hair on one side, again to avoid revealing the entire width of the forehead.

The oval face with round cheekbones, narrow jaw, full lips and large eyes mean that you have very delicate features, associated with an ideal physiognomy and as a result you may experiment with any kind of bangs and haircut. However, straight and short bangs may accentuate your jaw line and turn your oval face into a heart shaped and less delicate one.

All you will have to do now is to see in which category you fit and then go for the right haircut. Trust us, talk to your hair dresser too, and thus you will get a successful bridal hairstyle.