Bridal bangs

To go or not to go for bridal bangs – Part I

You want something different in the eve of your wedding day and the first thing that comes in to your mind is your hairstyle. It is the first thing that could be changed and that could bring great joy into your life, without much hassle. You may change your hair color or your haircut, or you could add extensions or on the contrary you could shorten it. But one must recognize that the absence or presence of the fringe can make a major difference, especially if you know how to take the right decision.

If you really want to know whether a fringe would look great on you or not, we will help you make the right decision, by giving you a few useful tips, taking into account various factors.

So, let’s begin. If you have a very sharp chin and a high forehead, the teased bangs cut diagonally, starting midway between the crown and forehead line is excellent.

You look equally beautiful without the bangs, but some side strands of hair must cover a little bit of your face so that the square shape of your face would be “sweeten”.

Although you have the ideal face shape (oval), with round cheeks, an extremely short fringe could accentuate their roundness, even further. Therefore, a fringe lost in on side would be ideal. However, if you prefer not to have bangs, then the best thing would be to opt for a length of hair that would stop under the chin.

If you have a very sharp chin and a high and wide forehead, the best way through which you could improve this shape would be by wearing bangs. The fringe easily spun, which does not hide nor covers the forehead; could create a fair proportion of the face. You would look fabulous without the bangs, too; but your hair would need more volume, so that your face would seem more rounded.

And last but not least, let’s talks about the diamond face. If your face has the following features: sloping chin, widened jaw and a high but narrow forehead you would look great with and without bangs. You should add some volume to your hair, wear it in one side and thus you won’t put emphasis on your forehead and sharp chin.

If you are interested in learning what you will have to do in case you have other face features, then you should pay attention and red the sequel of this article, because we will be back with more information, concerning this topic.